Brilliant Reads: inspiring content guidelines, targeted capability training, and Amanda Azeez joins the lineup for Dots.

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Dots 2017 – Amanda Azeez joins the speaker lineup

Communications, digital and technology expert Amanda Azeez is joining the fantastic lineup for Dots 2017. As part of her current role as associate head of child safety online at the NSPCC, she leads a three-year strategic online safety partnership with O2.

Check out the website to get your ticket.

Invest in well-planned, targeted training

Many organisations don’t evaluate employee performance data. This is essential to measure the success of capability training programmes and the ROI of those training programmes.

Generation is a youth employment non-profit organisation that trains candidates for entry-level jobs. By mapping out key employee skills to ROI levers, it is able to design training programmes that target skills that drive ROI.

They then track on-the-job performance of graduates and the benefits to the business who employed them. This lets them demonstrate their value to the business and provides a continuous learning approach for the graduates.

To better train workers, figure out where they struggle
Harvard Business Review, 4 minutes

How to manage a busy, but productive schedule

Business leaders who are incessantly busy are often revered. Being busy, however, isn’t necessarily a sign of productivity. When time is managed incorrectly, being constantly busy is counter-productive.

Barry O’Reilly points out some helpful tips to avoid this:

  • Check the tasks you’re doing against a list of top priorities. If they’re not helping you achieve your priorities, then the task might not be worth doing.
  • Make sure you allow time to think and evaluate your progress throughout the working week.
  • Leave some free space in your work calendar. You’ll be more flexible, and have time to listen to and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Track how you’re spending your time against how you’d like to be spending your time.

Busy to Death
Barry O’Reilly, 6 minutes

Reddit’s customer-first approach to software rollouts

In this podcast, Reddit’s co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, discusses how the platform puts its users front and centre of its development.

Brands still struggle with considering customer feedback when it contradicts their plans. Reddit values this feedback; they incrementally rollout changes to the software to incorporate feedback. They listen and make concessions to their long-term development plans based on this.

Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian on why empathy will win
Digiday UK, 25 minutes

Waymo and Avis partner for the future of automotive

Car rental business Avis and the autonomous car division of Alphabet, Waymo, have signed a partnership deal. They intend to combine each other’s expertise to provide a slick, on-demand car rental service with well maintained vehicles.

At the moment, the maintenance of vehicles is the responsibility of drivers. Avis and Waymo have seen an opportunity to address car maintenance for rental services in a future of autonomous vehicles. This is likely something that other car rental services like Uber and CitiCar will need to consider.

Why Waymo’s partnership with Avis makes sense
MIT Technology Review, 3 minutes

How to make your content guidelines inspiring

Content guidelines are almost always a forgotten PDF on a shared drive. In a recent talk at Confab, Lauren Pope, our Senior Content Strategist here at Brilliant Noise, outlined five ways you can make your guidelines more inspiring:

  1. Training, workshops and webinars. This gets people interested and excited, and you get in-person feedback.
  2. Wikis and websites. This makes them easy to bookmark, share, search and navigate.
  3. Make your guidelines interactive. This makes using the guidelines easier and allows for their continuous evaluation and development.
  4. Beautiful hardcopies. Sometimes beautiful creative in print is all it takes to get people interested.
  5. Give the guidelines some personality. Guidelines can be developed around a persona, making them more engaging.

Confab Central: Get your guidelines off the shared drive and into hearts and minds
Brilliant Noise, 4 minutes