Inspiring customers to engage and donate: content strategy and redesign for Action for Children

Brilliant Noise has delivered a brand new content strategy and ground-up redesign of Action for Children’s website.

Action for Children faces increasing pressure to generate donations and support to fund the vital services they run.

In just over four months, our team of content strategists, copywriters and designers worked closely with Action for Children’s digital team to transform the website with expertly assembled content and a beautiful new responsive design.

We refreshed the branding and content throughout to make a research-led site, letting users find what they need more easily, and guiding them to the next step – signing up to an event or making a donation.

At Brilliant Noise, our approach is always customer-first. We constantly consider the behaviour and needs of the customer, to create experiences that are useful and enjoyable – and deliver impact.

Action for Children’s Katie Smith said;

It’s been exciting to see the speed with which the new site came together, and the level of detailed thinking that went into the strategy. Working with Brilliant Noise has been a fun and inspiring process.

Unveiled: our brand new redesign for Action For Children’s website

Action for Children is one of the largest children’s charities in the UK. Its mission is to make sure every child has the love, support and opportunity they need to reach their potential.

We had the opportunity to create brand new content to show off the brilliant work that Action for Children does, and encourage even more people to get involved. Structuring the IA in a more intuitive way helps provide users with what’s most important to them. We also designed a seamless process to manage this work – from creation to sign-off and publishing.

Our vision for this was clean, simple and direct. Minimum fuss, high impact. And of course, mobile responsive.

So that’s what we did.

Restructuring the IA was the first priority. Making sure the site offered an effortless user experience, with no dead ends and clear call to action. Around one hundred pages of content were updated or created from scratch.

Behind this were our expert team of content editors, consultants and writers, all guided by a simple goal – to make everything on the site really easy to understand.

Brilliant Noise’s content strategist, Lauren Pope, produced a comprehensive style guide and messaging hierarchy that enabled all contributing writers to quickly pick up the style and tone for the brand, and keep brand messages consistent across the site.

Lauren also led the content production using Gather Content, a tool that improved the workflow and collaboration for the project with great success. A first for both Brilliant Noise and Action for Children, it’s been invaluable in making the creation, sign off and publishing of content seamless and quick, and will continue to help Action for Children manage content updates in future.

Brilliant Noise senior designer Mike Hillman created over 25 new page templates, featuring a striking and clean design using the new identity. The designs showcase Action For Children’s newly commissioned photography with children at the heart. The aim was to create a simpler, more direct identity to help the brand messages shine through, and communicate the story in an emotive way.

We’re incredibly proud of the work, and Action for Children are delighted with their shiny new site. Check it out, here.