How to inspire real digital transformation

Earlier this month we hosted a breakfast briefing on the key things senior marketers can focus on to drive real change in 2017. The event included an introduction to Sonar, our new digital maturity assessment tool.

Sonar assesses the digital maturity of your organisation across marketing, communications, operations and culture. This data-led approach to digital transformation enables you to drive real and lasting change.

The challenge

In the connected age brands need to be customer-focused, data-led, built around creative content and connection deeply into every facet of the organisation. At Brilliant Noise we call this Connected Customer Marketing™.

Digital changed everything (and will continue to), but how do we respond? Do we stick to what we know with ever-diminishing returns, or do we do it all but risk a lack of focus?

There’s another, more effective, way and that’s the way that our clients have chosen. This is to acknowledge that the fundamentals of marketing have changed and a new, customer-focused approach is needed. This requires a change in mindset and the will to change your organisation, in order to win.

Empowered customers

Now that digital has empowered customers to take control, brands need to understand what is important and talk to them in their own terms. Or risk being irrelevant.

Customers have the power to ad-block what they don’t want to hear. 64% of people say ads are annoying and intrusive – it’s clear consumers don’t want poorly thought through marketing.

To ultimately succeed, build your business around an empowered customer. Because anything else will fail.

Digital transformation is an operational and organisational challenge, not just a technological one. Strong evidence is needed to make the case to the CMO. It’s not just better social or marketing that’s needed, but a change in the way we work.


Sonar helps you understand where you are on the path to digital maturity. The tool allows you to gauge where your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities are, and identify specific areas for improvement. You can filter results by country, team, department and market. You can benchmark where you are in the market and where you are internally. If there’s a vision gap in your organisation, Sonar will tell you.

Sonar has helped global brands create guiding principles that unite and inspire, unlock competitive advantage through digital expertise, foster a collaborative culture, and achieve digital maturity.

Digital Maturity

There are three stages on the path to Connected Customer Marketing™.


  • Good content and social media impact. Customer focused, always-on community management and supported by data.
  • Internal teams doing the right thing, but in silos. Some good on the ground success and progress is reassuring for senior leadership.
  • A lot of missed opportunities to connect with customers and within the organisation.


  • Senior leadership support leads investment.
  • Scope moves beyond content and social media to connect all communications around the needs of the customer, not the channel.
  • Teams globally and across categories have an integrated approach to research, planning and measurement. Individuals teams operate within global systems of governance and communication. Disciplines are connected into real-time marketing.


  • The whole of the organisation is benefiting from close relationship with customers.
  • Systems and teams to organise, plan and execute marketing around the customer.
  • Strategy, operations and supply chains reorganised around the customer create new opportunities and differentiation.
  • A highly-connected, customer-focused, content-led, data-supported marketing operation.

Get in touch to find out more about Sonar, and your organisations journey to Connected Customer Marketing™