How can social media transform the customer experience?

Last month saw the release of Understanding Social Media, written by Damian Ryan with contributions from a host of industry experts including Brilliant Noise senior strategist Isabelle Quevilly. In the book, Isabelle shares her point of view on why social media is central to a great customer experience.

Building on the idea that “Your brand is the sum of its interactions” (originated by Big Spaceship), Isabelle suggests that brands should integrate social platforms into their customer experience design. This is a valuable opportunity to structure conversations in relation to the brand, the business and the customer.

Much can be achieved by gathering data and conversational insights at each stage of the customer journey. Isabelle highlights the Zappos #NEXTOOTD campaign on Instagram, that facilitated one-on-one #OOTD conversations with customers. Zappos took advantage of an existing behaviour to create a more valuable customer experience, with content that was purposeful and entertaining as well as commercial.

There’s an imperative to transform the way brands approach social media. Traditional comms planning frameworks don’t fit the complexity of social systems and the campaign model needs to be updated.

Isabelle’s chapter suggests a series of new principles to start the transformation and increase the impact of social media on the customer experience – and the brand. These include:

  • Encourage a digital mindset throughout the organisation.
  • Immerse your team in the world of your customers.
  • Focus on areas where your effort will grow value for both the customer and the business.

On Wednesday 3rd June Isabelle is hosting the next in our series of workshops – building brands in the digital age. The event is invitation only and places are strictly limited, if you would like to attend please contact

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