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Five brands being generous with their digital content

By Maddy Cooper, June 2021. 12 min read. Posts

In an over-saturated world of online marketing, where people increasingly block ads and ask their phones NOT TO TRACK, the pressure is on for brands to grab attention and build lasting relationships with target audiences. The competition is fierce. And committing to being generous with your content is the only way to win.

The best digital content should lead consumer journeys from start to finish. It’s not just about digital marketing. It’s about moulding memorable experiences that build brand awareness and keep consumers coming back.

With trends and platforms constantly developing, there are so many ways to do digital. Building a community comes through doing one thing super well – giving the people what they want. Or, giving the people what they didn’t know they wanted. Here’s five content marketing examples from brands being generous with content in five very different ways. Let’s get inspired.

Monzo — generous with knowledge

How you talk to your audience really matters. Your tone of voice builds the foundation for everything you do online. It’s who you are, and if you don’t know who you are, your audience won’t either.

Having a defined tone of voice across all digital content really helps you to communicate with authenticity and build that lasting bond with your consumer..

The perfect example of a brand who has a well-defined tone of voice is Monzo. As a neobank looking to shake tradition and sell a whole new way of banking, Monzo needs to meet its audience with both inspiration and familiarity. And they’ve nailed it.

With a focus on positivity and transparency, their authentic tone of voice builds consumer trust even in content around technical ideas and sensitive subjects. They’ve found their voice, and they’ve stuck to it. They’re generous with their knowledge, and they take the time to explain complex subject matter in simple language. They even add in an emoji or two because we all know a picture (or picogram) can say a thousand words. That’s attention to digital detail.

Spotify — letters for loyalty

The key to effective digital marketing is meeting your audience where they already are. It’s about figuring out how your content can set up camp in your audience’s life and become a familiar part of their digital routine.

With strong content writing and brilliant branding, regular email content can build firm and lasting relationships with your audience. Great email marketing is all about being a digestible source of information your audience just won’t get anywhere else.

Spotify has this down. The more you use their services, the more useful, exciting and personalised your emails get. From music release alerts, to nostalgic playlists; from live and digital event announcements, to podcast recommendations, Spotify’s weekly emails hit inboxes with deeply personalised content week on week, all based on the material you love to stream the most. With these personal touches, Spotify’s emails feel both emotional and exclusive. A winning, generous content combination.

American Express — SEO that’s in the know

Sometimes, more is more. If it’s relevant to your brand and useful to your audience, a high-volume, high-value digital content strategy can strengthen your SEO performance, as well as give your audience content you know they’re looking for.

American Express has got the right idea. With their collaborative website, OPEN Forum, Amex has created a crowded corner of industry expertise, knowledge and news coming from a wide range of contributors.

Publishing a high volume of long and short-form content from authentic voices and advocates, Amex are building both community and credibility. While Amex lends its platform to valuable voices, each industry expert brings their own audience to the brand’s digital platform, widening reach for everyone involved. Audiences also get a rich and reliable source of digital content for business and finance. And, just like that, everybody’s winning.

Maggi — recipes for success

So you’ve got your audience’s attention. Great! But if you’re not creating active consumers through effective conversion, you’ll only lose track of your customer journey and engagement will drop off far too soon. Enter: the humble call to action.

Maggi’s website landing page is a top tier example. The CTA, smack-bang in the middle of the page, is an interactive search bar. The question, ‘What am I cooking today?’, encourages visitors to search through further content and recipes linked to Maggi products (all purchasable from the website).

From the get-go, Maggi’s audience is immersed in the digital features of the page, enjoying a simple yet exciting consumer journey.

Consumers get recipes, Maggi gets lots of lovely data on what foods they’re searching for. Win-win.

BMW — enjoying the ride

The best content for digital marketing considers every step of the consumer’s journey. From discovery to purchase, every twist and turn should be guided by useful and inspiring content. It’s all about creating smooth and memorable brand experiences.

Investing in digital consumer journeys will help you to reach consumers more directly and on a more personalised level, and that’s exactly what BMW are racing (ahem) towards right now.

With new BMW electric models soon to be launched, the need to get consumers onboard with new, more sustainable technologies is more vital than ever. So in response, BMW are investing ‘hundreds of millions’ in contact-free digital experiences to make the customer journey of buying an electric car simple, safe and enjoyable.

Potential electric vehicle owners will be able to check out vehicles and charging plans online in the same place, streamlining the experience of adapting to EV lifestyles. The fully personalised cars will then be delivered to customers’ doors. Electric made easy — that’s the future.

A bold, brilliant and generous brand content strategy increases your digital presence while bringing you closer to your audience. Get in touch today to find out what that looks like for your brand.