Digital Cultural Change workshop – notes & slides

How do you, your team and your organisation deal with digital disruption? Last week we held a workshop which aimed to tackle this very question.

For organisations to survive and thrive in this, the age of the customer, leaders and change makers need to embrace a digital mindset. A way of thinking and being that sets individuals, teams and organisations on a new path. A path that puts them in a better place to understand and act on customers’ changing needs and expectations.

Bringing the four elements of the digital mindset to life for people up, down and across the organisation was the key aim of our Digital Culture Change workshop last week. It was interesting to see how the group of transformation leaders from large organisations got to grips with the overlapping elements of the mindset for themselves.

The conversation was wide ranging: from using digital tools to support their capacity to collaborate, and work in more agile ways, to understanding the customer and acting on customer data, to understanding and prioritising trends.

So how well do you and your organisation measure up against the four elements of the digital mindset v. our digital culture leads?

Self assessement

During the afternoon we gave the group the opportunity to workshop some quick, impactful steps to drive energy across all four elements. It was great seeing the groups generate a wide variety of ideas and how they narrowed them down to one or two that would bring about fast change with lasting impact.

Then it was time for some personal reflection. First our coach extraordinaire Andy Caldwell gave the group some basic coaching skills. We then broke into pairs to focus on one area of the mindset individuals were most challenged by – and where they really wanted to make a change.

And that’s what we heard as people left. A real conviction to drive change in themselves, their teams and their organisations. Change that is fast, but has sustainable impact. We wish the group well on their journey and will enjoy being part of it – helping to build agile teams, collaborative networks and digital leadership.

Like the organisations in the room, you too are being disrupted whether or not you like it – change is coming on all fronts and it’s faster than ever before.

It’s time to disrupt yourself before it happens to you. The digital mindset is a great starting place. So do get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation develop more agile teams, more collaborative networks and stronger digital leadership. To find out more download our new book Culture change in the digital age.

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