Content strategy for information professionals: slides from LIKE

Yesterday I did a content strategy workshop for LIKE (London Information and Knowledge Exchange).

When I was putting the workshop together I was concerned about how to make content strategy relevant for the LIKE audience, which is for the most part made up of knowledge and information professionals, rather than the marketers I would normally encounter at a content strategy event.

For the workshop, we went through a series of five-minute exercises based on the 6Ps planning model:

The idea was for the attendees to think about what their organisation does in relation to each of the six elements, and share their challenges, ideas and solutions. I hope that it was a useful exercise for everyone – I know that I found really interesting to see just how similar these challenges are to those content professionals experience: platforms for publishing or managing content that have a horrible user experience; making principles stick across an organisation, breaking down silos, ensuring that writers use reliable sources.

I think that content strategy isn’t just a tactic for online marketing – it can be applied in a far wider range of contexts. It works offline or online, for customers, stakeholders or employees, for intranets or printed material. In short if you have ‘stuff’ (whether you call it content, information, knowledge, or anything else) that you want people to use, content strategy has something to offer.

If you’d like to try the workshop yourself, I’ve included the accompanying worksheet at the end of my slides.