Content-led marketing: Jon Munro of Visit Wales

The incredibly cool Cool Content conference migrated west last week, holding its second event in Cornwall.

Jon Munro of Visit Wales was one of the speakers and adapted the Brilliant Noise integrated earned media model as part of his presentation, Content-led destination marketing.


We really love what he has done with this and will immediately borrow it back for our own toolkit.

Paid media is an important tool in earning attention of an audience, and it is odd to have it sit outside a planning model. The useful thing that both of these models do is take away emphasis from paid media, treating it as another tool in the box, rather than an over-used and over-weaning power tool, for which all other disciplines are complements or additions to in marketing programmes.

In Jon’s presentation paid media is key to scaling content efforts. Once the quality content is created, by Visit Wales and its vast community of contributors, paid creates reach and momentum.

The emphasis is on using content smartly. Jon talks about brands becoming “content mature”, suggesting that budgets should be “conversation-led” rather than “channel-led” (he cites Ariad on this point).

That’s a powerful insight – when the money follows what people are talking about rather than a big guess about what marketing channel might be most effective, then you really do have an integrated marketing approach. I suspect that this type of agile marketing investment is rare.

You can take a look at the whole of Jon’s presentation below – there’s a lot of useful insights in here…