Collaboration, content and commerce

Brilliant Noise recently attended the GDS Summit in Frankfurt. Throughout the event, we had the privilege of spending time one-on-one with leaders of ambitious brands, including household names in the banking, FMCG and luxury sectors.

These global businesses value the benefits of close relationships with their customers. They understand the need to achieve this with highly connected, customer-focused, content-led and data-supported marketing communications.

They shared with us their questions and concerns, needs, and where they want to get to in 2018. Here is what we learned and how we can help.

Shared problems and goals

Many of the attendees were concerned with issues relating to three areas: data, measurement and KPIs, and content strategy.

Their goals for the year ahead include:

  • Better testing and measuring of content effectiveness
  • Better use of customer data to improve mapping of the decision journey
  • Better personalisation of content and improved engagement
  • Better external collaboration between media and creative agencies
  • More effective linkage of e-commerce, CRM and customer data.

Connected customer planning

The organisations we met all recognise that re-organising marketing around the customer is not an overnight event. Transformation must be managed as an integrated, continuous process, a sustainable model to future-proof their businesses.

At Brilliant Noise, our solution is a connected customer planning approach to create customer-first communications and content.

How connected customer planning works

We begin by conducting an audit of your organisation’s existing content, social channels, markets and competitors. Using our Sonar tool, we diagnose your organisation’s digital maturity in seven key areas:

  1. Strategy: a clear, commonly-understood policy for digital transformation used for everyday planning and decision-making.
  2. Customer insight: data is used at every stage of planning, operations, creation, distribution, engagement and measurement.
  3. Operations: supportive processes to promote agility and creativity. Operations are guided by strategy, always taking into consideration the question: how do we best serve our customer?
  4. Tech platforms: the right tools and support to keep global teams connected, planning visible and data usable and actionable.
  5. Leadership and culture: consistent, clear leadership at all levels in the organisation, giving a mandate for change and understanding the nature of digital.
  6. Marketing communications: creative work and content creation is well-supported and relevant to customers at each stage of decision-making.
  7. Performance: developing a common organisational language and framework for the evaluation and measurement of success.

We combine the data from audits, Sonar and stakeholder interviews to provide us with a clear picture of your organisation.

Next, we take customer insight, gathered from qualitative and quantitative research, and distil it into a set of data-driven personas. Creating robust personas that offer a true view of the customer is vital. All too often, personas are defined using assumptions or inaccurate, unverified sources of data and consequently do not reflect your customers and their true behaviours.

Connected Customer Marketing™

Connected customer planning is a comprehensive way of understanding your customer and their needs. The ultimate goal of this approach is what we call Connected Customer Marketing™.  A Connected Customer Marketing™ organisation accurately understands its customers and their needs, communicating with them on their terms, through useful, engaging content. These organisations have banished silos, enabling teams to work together effectively and efficiently.

At Brilliant Noise, we put your customers’ needs first. Please get in touch to find out how we can help future-proof your organisation.