Building capability to drive change: notes from the dinner debate

This week we hosted a dinner debate in the heart of London. We were joined by brands including Marks & Spencer, Microsoft and Aviva to discuss what the shifting digital landscape means for them and how digital capability could be their most powerful lever for success.

Marketing can be the catalyst for change

The marketing team are the interface between the business and your customer. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to customers – and to use this knowledge to design communications and experiences that are useful and engaging. Collaboration with the rest of the business is key – to make real impact marketing needs to work with colleagues from across the organisation to act on the customer insight and fast changing context.

Celebrate the early adopters

The teams that are taking risks and pushing forward new technology and ideas are the champions of change. Yet when these ideas and systems become commonplace it’s all too easy for the trailblazers to be forgotten. You must celebrate these early adopters and ensure they get a voice in the business.

Enabling a digital mindset

One of the greatest challenges for businesses tackling digital transformation is enabling the right mindset. Ensuring that alongside the right technology your staff are equipped with the right skills and surrounded by the right culture is key. It’s not just the digital team that needs to be a proponent of this culture, it needs to run throughout the business. From head office to factory floor.

It’s all about the people

A company’s greatest asset is its people. It is essential to focus not just on technological transformation but on the people who enable change. When you build a culture around employees and customers you have the power to create something really powerful.

The books that inspired the debate