Brilliant Reads: waving goodbye to desktop, saying hello to blockchain banking


Mobile *is* the internet

In going mobile, has the internet arrived at its final form? Buzzfeed already insists that its writers view articles on mobile before publishing. This great article talks about the need to forget about mobile or desktop, and take a more holistic approach.

Forget about the mobile internet
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Banks create blockchain framework

The revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin is threatening to change the world faster than the world can keep up. Finance giants like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse are getting together with tech teams to create a framework for using blockchain in market, in a historic collaboration that could set the new standard for future banking.

Nine of the World’s Biggest Banks Form Blockchain Partnership
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Nescafé moves to Tumblr

The global brand Nescafé is ditching its roster of websites in favour of Tumblr, in a move that could open up their content to a previously untapped audience. In this article, Jennifer Faull of The Drum speaks with Nescafé’s Global Head of Integrated Marketing about the decision, and the death of dot com.

Nescafé has lost faith in the dotcom and is betting big on Tumblr instead
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Brilliant noises – what, where and when we are saying things

A new addition to Brilliant Noise

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of our digital strategy agency friend and peer, Evolver Strategic Services.

Brilliant Noise acquires Evolver
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Harmony, purgatory and everything in between

Lauren Pope takes us through her immediate thoughts fresh from a visit to Portland for Confab Intensive 2015.

Seven quick takeaways from Confab Intensive

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Building faith in finance

Isabelle Quevilly writes about the challenges disruptor finance brands face, in an industry in the grips of a consumer confidence drought.

Three ways finance brands can build trust
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New Brilliant Noise video report

Our new report looks at common issues that get in the way of great video content, and tried and tested ways to supercharge your strategy.

Supercharge your video strategy

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Come to The Content Delicatessen!

Attend this event on September 28th to listen to content strategists telling their stories and get advice on techniques for digital storytelling.

The Content Delicatessen: How to tell a storyEvent page (2 minutes)