Brilliant Reads: the triumphs and pitfalls of native podcast ads, and can we all be photographers?

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Brilliant Reads. This week we bring you discussion on what the ubiquity of smartphones means for photography and our relationship to technology. We also take a look at what is really being communicated in an online review and what can happen when native podcast advertisements bring unexpected attention – both good and bad.

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when things are brought together in fresh ways. At Brilliant Noise we are interested in the dots that are connected to create these new combinations.

Brilliant Reads 10/12

Dots of the week: Can we all be photographers? And what does the future of mobile look like

In this interview with Cole Rise Om Malik delves into our changing relationship with photography and technology.

Cole Rise
Blog post (30 mins)

The ubiquity of smart phones has changed how we photograph, but what does the future of mobile look like?

In this fascinating post Benedict Evans usefully emphasises the questions we should all be asking at a time when a third of the world’s population are using a smartphone.

New questions in mobile
Blog post (13 mins)

The digital future: the linguistics of online reviews and the triumphs & perils of native podcast advertising

Academic Camilla Vasquez has studied the online reviews left by consumers – the language people use and the way they review something is a story in its own right.

The Art of the Amateur Online Review
Article (7 mins)

The podcast series Serial is widely being credited with leading a podcast renaissance but the surprise winner is sponsor Mailchimp whose ad has enjoyed an unexpected virality.

Serial podcast: why is sponsor MailChimp getting so much attention?
Article (5 mins)

An example of how native advertising can backfire is tackled in the latest episode of podcast StartUp. This week’s episode faces up to what can happen when people are (in this case inadvertently) misled by the content used in ads.

Episode 9: We made a mistake
Podcast (28 mins)

We love this new film about Hybrids created for Toyota by fellow Brightonians ATYP.

Toyota turning point

To the point as ever, this short post from Russell Davies reinforces what we all know – digital transformation of your organisation is inevitable.

Blog (1 min)

Brilliant noises – what, where and when we are saying things

On Tuesday we hosted our latest webinar Stories That Scale. Antony was joined by Lauren and David to discuss the challenges and solutions covered in our recent book of the same name.

Listen to the recording and view the slides here.

Last week Antony spoke alongside Buzzfeed VP Will Hayward at the Social Media Leadership Forum session Creating a buzz around your brand.

Read our notes from the session here.

Brilliant Reads will be taking a break for the festive season, have a brilliant Christmas and we will see you in the new year.