Brilliant Reads: transformational lessons from Dots 2015

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when things are brought together in fresh ways. At Brilliant Noise, we are interested in the dots that are connected to create these new combinations.

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Transformational lessons from Dots 2015

Thanks to everyone who came to Dots on Friday – and of course to our fantastic speakers. If you weren’t in the room, you can catch up by reading our reports on each of the talks:

    • Christina Scott of The Financial Times told us about the challenges facing traditional media powerhouses.
    • Tess Macleod Smith shared insights into e-commerce giant turned publisher NET-A-PORTER.
    • Adam Morgan gave his take on today’s unreasonable consumer – or ‘the Uber generation’.
    • Tom Hopkins provided a timely reminder of the pitfalls of ignoring disruption in your own industry.
    • Steve Chapman encouraged us not to always play safe – innovation happens when you do the things that scare you.
    • Nick Price encouraged us to ask how we can shape the future – rather than guard against it.
    • Antony Mayfield spoke about the real meaning of transformation and reminded us that organisations are living organisms which are closer to organics than mechanics.
    • Steven Ramage introduced us to the fascinating – and life-changing – work of global addressing system what3words.
    • Ciara Judge, the multi award-winning scientist and entrepreneur, gave a stand-out presentation on the importance of nurturing the spirit of innovation in young people.
    • Stuart Turner ‘reached into our world’ via Skype to deliver a truly inspirational talk about the potential for technology to open up the world to those who are confined to their homes.
    • Sam Conniff gave an impassioned closing speech on the importance of purpose in modern business – and why he has appointed himself the world’s first Chief Purpose Officer.
    • Panel: Everybody! Transform! A panel discussion featuring Christina Scott, Amanda Neylon, Head of Digital at Mcmillan, Martin Gill, Principle Analyst at Forrester Research and chaired by Stephen Lepitak, Editor of The Drum tackled the thorny subject of the relationship between agencies, clients and start-ups.

Coming soon: Dots podcasts

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The digital future: transforming company structure, e-commerce and how enterprises approach technology

Is time management as essential to success as company structure?

The creation of Alphabet, Google’s new parent company will ostensibly free up CEO Larry Pages’s time to grow the company. In this article, The Financial Times looks at the reality of time management for managers and why it can’t be ignored.

Alphabet makes time a resource Google can ill afford to waste
Article (4 mins)

How NET-A-PORTER is once again revolutionising e-commerce

Publishing Director Tess Macleod Smith presented the impressive story of NET-A-PORTER’s revolutionary shop-able print magazine Porter at Dots last week. This article looks at its recently-launched app, The Net Set. It seems that the brand is once again transforming the face of luxury e-commerce.

How The Net Set has changed NET-A-PORTER – and made it better
Blog post (4 mins)

When did IT depts become the deniers of technology?

Ever wondered why it is so difficult for enterprises to adopt the latest technology? This post looks at the reasons behind this phenomenon and the effects it has on not only enterprises, but the technology industry.

Fluid Coupling
Blog post (5 mins)

Brilliant Noises: what people have been saying about Dots 2015

Tom Hopkins spoke about how not to do innovation at Dots (spoiler – once you know something isn’t working stop doing it). Read Tom’s excellent round-up of the conference: One day, at a time.

Emily Hare from Contagious guides us through ‘the good, the bad and the ugly sides of transformation’ as seen at Dots in this post for the Contagious blog: Event / Dots.

Monty Munford’s celebrates the inspirational and pleasingly bite-sized nature of Dots in this piece for The Telegraph: Technology conferences are far too long, the best ones are sharp and brief.

Simon White of Formation London blogged about his experience of the conference: Dots. It’s About Connecting Them.

You can catch up on all of the conversation from #dotsconf on Twitter.