Brilliant Reads: the whys and hows of action, agility, making and doing.

In this week’s Brilliant Reads, we’ve collected together some ideas about the whys and hows of taking action, being more agile, making and doing.

How to create a bias for action (Brilliant Noise)


This post by Antony has three ideas about how you can try to grow a bias for action within a company. (Something we’re doing at Brilliant Noise):

  1. Make ‘Unless I Hear Differently’ your mantra – this video explains how adopting an ‘Unless I Hear Differently’ approach can encourage a faster-moving and more productive culture.
  2. Use active language – any copywriters among you are bound to love this one: use the active voice (‘Patrick’s making the tea’ not ‘The tea is being made by Patrick’) to keep your communication direct and definite.
  3. Prototypes, not long proposals – recently we started to draw up a proposal for turning a set of community management and social media processes into a web app for people to use on their smartphones. Then we realised we could just create the first iteration of the app and show that instead of a slide deck.

Image credit: markos zouridakis

Rules for making things people love (Fast Co) 


This article is part one of a seven-part series looking at how great products happen. In this segment the author, Aaron Schildkraut, give his 10 core principles for better product development:


  1. Processes are the circulatory system of a company.
  2. Curiosity is what gets things done.
  3. You are a scientist running experiments.
  4. Processes are also products.
  5. Great processes constantly evolve.
  6. Pick smart tools.
  7. Make your processes invisible.
  8. Don’t forget the human part.
  9. It’s worth the effort.
  10. Stop fearing failure.

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Four reasons why agile works for marketing (CMO)

In this article for CMO, CMG Partners’ Barre Hardy evangelises about the benefits of an agile approach to marketing, and the way its straightforward approach gets more things done, in less time, with better results.

She gives four reasons to go agile:

  1. Getting to market faster – agile speeds up decision-making, which saves time in turning an idea into a reality.
  2. Adapting faster – agile offers marketers the flexibility to prioritise and adapt to changes as they happen.
  3. Prioritise high-impact activities – agile helps you to focus on the activities that make the biggest impact, and not get bogged down with the small stuff.
  4. Creating customer-centric outcomes – agile helps CMOs involve customers in an iterative marketing process.
And before we go, we have a brilliant idea and a brilliant number for you:

Brilliant Idea: use paid media to amplify earned media

After a blogger wrote a positive review of one its new products, McDonalds used paid media to drive traffic to it. It’s an interesting way to leverage the value of third party content.

Brilliant Number: 55%

YouTube reaches American 18-34 year-olds YouTube reaches, more than any cable network.