Brilliant Reads: the future of content marketing, the price of influence and learning from AI

The future of content marketing

In this article TSB’s head of social, Bian Salins, explains why content creation is a part of everyone’s job. However, this can result in a slightly schizophrenic approach to what should be a collective business strategy. In an evolving industry with ever-changing algorithms and the likes of ad blockers the future may seem unclear – but it certainly involves collaboration and a focus on the customer.

Content marketing has an identity crisis

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Buzzfeed to use branded content on TV

Buzzfeed have announced that they will be investing in two new studios in the UK, doubling the size of the UK network and hiring the first VP of marketing for the UK. This will mean the creation of even more branded content, which won’t be limited to just social or mobile.

Buzzfeed’s chief marketing and creative officer, Frank Cooper, believes there’s no reason why the company’s content won’t move beyond the realms of social media and on to TV.

Buzzfeed set to use branded content on TV for first time

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Social influencers can help companies reach vast audiences but they come at a price

Hiring influencers allow companies to reach a vast network of potential customers. For instance, every day Snapchat reaches 40% of all American 18 to 34 year-olds. These picture sharing platforms can also make consumers feel they have unprecedented access to the rich and famous. However, if you want influencers on your side it will cost you. According to this report those with a following of 3 to 7 million can charge a chunky $93,750 for a post on Facebook.
Celebrities’ endorsement earnings on social media

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Fake Instagram account used to raise awareness of alcohol addiction

Advertising agency, BETC, adopted a radical social media strategy for Addicte Aide – an organisation dedicated to raising awareness of alcoholism in young people. The agency created a fake (and quickly very popular) Instagram account of a 25 year-old Parisian, in which every picture featured an alcoholic drink. This was part of the “Like my addiction” campaign and resulted in five times more traffic to Addicte Aide website.

This French Instagram profile is not what you think it is

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An anthropological view of AI

In this 10 minute keynote speech anthropologist Genevieve Bell, discusses how the human experience is woven into AI, and how AI is a cultural category in and of itself. We can learn more about AI by questioning and interrogating its origins – as anthropologists would do with any other subject.

Artificial intelligence: Making a human connection

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Is AI going to change the world as we know it?

Will recent breakthroughs in AI and machine learning pave the way for a new generation of important tech companies? In this interview, venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen, discusses the implications of AI from drones to medical diagnosis.

Is AI going to spawn new, independent companies or will innovations be absorbed by existing tech giants? Two years ago the thinking was that big companies would dominate, but that’s changing as more computer science graduates and engineers realising they can go it alone.

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen explains how AI will change the world

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Your path to Connected Customer Marketing™

Earlier this month we hosted a breakfast briefing on the key things senior marketers can focus on to drive real change in 2017. The event included an introduction to Sonar, our new digital maturity assessment tool.

Sonar assesses the digital maturity of your organisation across marketing, communications, operations and culture. In this post we sum up the key takeaways from the event.

How to inspire real digital transformation
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