Brilliant Reads: the forgotten market, what highly productive people do and our workshop highlights

Welcome to Brilliant Reads. This week we’re discussing why employees are the vital element of transformation, the power of adopting a more humble mindset and insights from our recent capability workshop.

How digital capability was Diageo’s vital ingredient

Last week Isabel Massey, Global Digital Director for Marketing at drinks-giant Diageo, joined us to talk about why digital capability is so important for marketing teams – and how to build it.

In this article we share our highlights from the event. These include; two ways to approach digital capability, the importance of the 70-20-10 learning structure and Diageo’s own unique capability journey.

If you’d like to discuss how you can build digital capability in your organisation and how we can help get in touch.

Why digital capability is your secret weapon
Brilliant Noise, 4 mins

The transformative power of your workforce

According to the recent Adobe Marketing Innovation panel, your employees are the true driving force of digital transformation. Digital transformation often gets a purely technological focus, yet this is only half the equation. It’s essential to have the talent and skills in your workforce in order to ensure success in any transformation journey.

Adobe themselves recently switched to a cloud-based service requiring change in both skills and mindset across the organisation. By immersing employees in an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion, it’s possible to equip the business with the different perspectives that are key to ongoing success and a culture of change.

The Most Critical Transformation Driver? Your Workforce
CMO, 5 mins

Shaping supportive leadership

As a leader, it’s easy to think you must hold strict control and focus on end goals. Yet in doing this, leaders make it more difficult to achieve desired outcomes, causing resentment from their staff. One of the best ways to avoid this is to adopt a more humble mindset; that of a servant leader. With a focus on your people, you help keep them motivated, purposeful and supported.

By creating and maintaining a supportive environment that’s championed by management themselves, you will unlock the unique ideas and contributions of your workforce. Trust and loyalty become an embedded part of these environments, leading to exploration and new approaches to work. By leading from the ground level, respecting and listening to your staff you will bring out the best in them.

How Humble Leadership Really Works
Harvard Business Review, 7 mins

Are brands ignoring the world’s largest market?

Women make up the largest single market in the world. Yet customer experiences are failing to cater to their huge spending potential. A universal trend in mobile shopping among women has created a demand for services that are fast, personalised and easy to use.

This should be a no-brainer for brands wanting to capitalise on this huge market – yet many are missing the mark. Campaign’s latest 21st Century Woman report shows 58% of women feel websites have poor navigation, 58% say websites need to be more intuitive, and 44% say mobile sites don’t do enough. Brands need to focus on delivering the seamless, intuitive and personalised online shopping experiences that modern women crave.

Why brands are failing to deliver the intuitive, online experiences that modern women crave
Campaign, 5 mins

The seven skills that maximise productivity

There are hugely productive people in every industry, maximising their work output with seemingly no effort. HBR curated data on over 7,000 highly productive people to identify the consistent skills and habits that they displayed. They discovered seven common traits of the most productive, which are:

1) Stretch goals – setting several small tasks contributing to a big project encourages fast pace.

2) Consistency – build a steady rhythm in your work to consistently deliver results.

3) Expertise – prepare and acquire new skills to expand your mastery.

4) Competitive results – push to accomplish results ahead of schedule.

5) Anticipate problems – show foresight on roadblocks and build solutions in advance.

6) Take initiative – don’t wait to be told go, a bias for action is a powerful thing.

7) Be collaborative – little gets done by acting alone.

What seemed like natural born talent before, actually boils down to this simple set of skills. These seven techniques can help you pinpoint ways to inspire productivity in your team, alongside yourself.

7 Traits of Super-Productive People
Harvard Business Review, 5 mins