Brilliant Reads: the empowered employee, Facebook’s evolving news feed and surviving the second wave

Welcome to Brilliant Reads. This week we’re discussing Facebook’s latest news feed update, how empathetic storytelling leads to effective strategy and how to follow an overnight success.


Prioritising friends and family over paid content

Facebook has recently revamped its news feed to increase the visibility of posts from friends and family. This has caused the number of posts from media and news outlets to drop significantly. Many in these industries have suspected this could happen and see it as an algorithmic catastrophe, but what if this actually leads to a healthier news media?

Facebook’s constant tinkering of its algorithm has caused companies to endlessly chase visibility. This content engineered for likes and virality is no longer journalism, it’s marketing. So how have things changed? Users will see the stories that are most shared and engaged with in their network. The deprioritisation of content from pages and publishers will hopefully encourage a decline in hollow clickbait articles and perhaps the platform’s domination of the news media.

Facebook Is Deprioritizing Our Stories. Good
Motherboard, ​4 mins

So you’re a hit, what next?

Every company dreams of success, that one product that will catapult them into the public consciousness. Many young enterprises begin as disruptors, launching a new product that is uncontested for an incredibly profitable yet often short period of time. But how do you follow this up? The challenge of creating an effective ‘second act’ for your company isn’t just limited to start ups. The average life-span of companies has fallen from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years today.

The sooner companies accept that the popularity of their product may have been the result of good timing rather than uncanny foresight, the more chance they have of preparing for the future. Adapting early can mean a range of things, from turning your initial product into a service to building a platform not just a product. Transitioning into this next stage effectively can reap large benefits. Brands that do this well often become hubs of innovation, focusing on a culture that attracts the brightest minds in their field pushing them towards long-term success.

Finding Your Company’s Second Act
Harvard Business Review, 20 mins

The power of workplace storytelling

The benefits of storytelling can be felt far beyond a simple bedtime tale. Bringing your strategy to life with an emotive narrative will help you connect with client and colleagues on a deeper, empathetic level. At Brilliant Noise we begin our projects with a creative platform – an idea that ties the team together around a story we can all connect with. These platforms help us keep in mind not only what the work is, but what it means.

When strategy meets empathy – the power of a good story
Brilliant Noise, 3 mins

Tackling GDPR head on

With the GDPR deadline just three months away Cancer Research UK are embracing the changes early. Businesses run the risk of damaging consumer perceptions if they force them through badly designed processes. Nowhere is this more critical than in the charity sector, where every donation is vital, and making the process as simple as possible is a necessity.

Cancer Research UK is aiming to turn this challenge to its advantage. By implementing the new rules early they’re able to focus on ensuring that all processes are designed around their supporters. All changes have been engineered by a cross-functional team of experts in legal, tech and data governance. This collaborative approach will hopefully provide the best possible supporter experience.

Cancer Research hopes to reap rewards from embracing GDPR changes early
The Drum, 3 mins

Is Glassdoor encouraging better workplace cultures?

Glassdoor is the Tripadvisor of workplaces. Current and former employees can post reviews, feedback and salary details for anyone to view. In this piece we hear that the genesis of the platform was a realisation that details of salaries and benefits are only embarrassing to a company if they’re unfair – so shouldn’t we be striving for transparency?

As businesses continue to adjust to empowered, and vocal customers, they must also recognise the shift for employees. It’s no longer possible to craft an alluring employer brand if you’re not prioritising employee experience. There are anecdotes involving companies appealing to Glassdoor to help them ‘fix’ their profile – but as a former Glassdoor executive explains the site is “a mirror that reflects back on companies”.

Improving Workplace Culture, One Review at a Time
The New Yorker, 20 mins