Brilliant Reads: the challenge of live video and the value of great writing


The hidden cost of bad writing

How much time and effort do you spend training your staff to write? Do you teach entry-level employees how to write clear, concise, structured, precise, jargon-free copy? If not, then you could be killing your company’s productivity. It’s time to commit to a culture of clarity and champion good writing – both external and internal – across all parts of your organisation.

Bad writing is destroying your company’s productivity
Harvard Business Review 4 minutes

The trick to making software sound human – but not creepy

Ever wondered how Slack develops and maintains its tone of voice? It’s something the company takes seriously. Tone of voice workshops, writing masterclasses and constantly updating the style guide are just part of what goes into making a brand voice that stands out in a crowd of dour office productivity tools. And it’s all down to the hard work of Anna Pickard, the company’s creative director of tone and voice.

Day in the life: how Slack’s Anna Pickard makes software sound human
Digiday 3 minutes

Can you afford to experiment with live video streaming?

Should brands and marketers experiment with live video streaming? On the one hand there’s the chance to create new and exciting forms of content that build a strong link with the audience. On the other, the logistics and unpredictability of the format could mean financial headaches, loss of reputation, or, worse, a complete lack of interest and engagement.

Understanding the kind of content needed at the time of broadcast is essential. As Antony says in this piece, there’s also a good argument for partnering with the right people and organisations to ensure distribution is covered and risks are mitigated.

Given that Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook intends to go video first, knowing the opportunities and challenges involved with live video streaming is essential.

Is live video killing it? Stay tuned to find out
CMO 3 minutes

The advertising industry has a trust problem

The lead up to this year’s Advertising Week, held in New York in September, was dominated by two bits of news. First, ad and PR agency Dentsu admitted its digital-ad division in Japan had been overbilling clients. Secondly, Facebook announced that it had inflated the average time people spent watching video ads. The news created a tense atmosphere at the event, where trust became the overriding theme. But are advertisers just playing a blame game, or is there a deeper problem within the advertising industry?

Doesn’t ad up
The Economist 3 minutes

How Jaguar Land Rover is embracing innovation and transformation

Jaguar Land Rover has recently laid out its plans for the future – plans that include self-driving cars and a standalone tech business. The business – called InMotion – has been tasked with transforming the personal travel experience through innovation and it’s already trialling ideas around car-sharing.

Jaguar Land Rover is also embarking on a journey of transformation, moving towards becoming truly customer first. Nina Jones, global owner experience director at Jaguar Land Rover, spoke about the realities of undertaking a big transformation project at our Dots 2016 conference. Find out more about Nina’s talk here.

Here’s what Jaguar Land Rover is doing to stay relevant
Fortune 3 minutes