Brilliant Reads: posh trends, the busyness myth & why newsletters are so hot right now

Welcome to the latest edition of Brilliant Reads. We are tackling the new year by looking forward to the innovations 2015 will see in the luxury sector, and back to the tech predictions that didn’t pan out in 2014. There are also some pertinent thoughts on the current newsletter renaissance and a video from the Guardian’s Oliver Burkeman on just how busy we all are.

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when things are brought together in fresh ways. At Brilliant Noise we are interested in the dots that are connected to create these new combinations.

Brilliant Reads 7/1

Dot of the week: Posh trends

The FT kicked the year off with an article on innovations to watch in 2015 in the luxury sector, including “toast as culinary art”, fad diets based on the bacteria in our guts, and subscription coffee services. Makes a change from hearing this will be the year of mobile (was that last year?). Apple’s iWatch does make the list, though…

Five to watch in 2015: the innovations that will make your year memorable
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The digital future: the busyness myth, tech that misfired last year and a newsletter renaissance

Too busy to read this? Me too

We think a lot about productivity and the modern workplace, both as part of our own company’s development and as part of our digital mindset workshops. Oliver Burkeman of the Guardian skewers the busyness myth in this brilliant four minute video.

I’m too busy! How can we get out of this busyness trap?
Video (3.5 mins)

What didn’t work last year

While it is the season for optimism and new starts, here’s a little reality check to balance out the glut of trends and predictions for 2015 – MIT Technology Reviews list of tech that didn’t work in 2014. It’s really interesting to recall that we were promised augmented reality glasses, sapphire crystal iPhone screens and brain-powered exo-skeletons – but all either failed to arrive or were disappointing flops. Still – last year’s laughing stocks may yet turn out to be awkward works-in-progreess.

The Top Technology Failures of 2014
Article (6 mins)

Internet of Things – Government edition

The Internet of Things continues to be a technology trend that needs to be taken seriously at a strategic level, but sometimes it feels like hype obscures what’s really going on. Rather than breathless marketing hype or the pitch of another weird Kickstarter project, take a look at the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser’s report on the subejct. The focus is on what’s important for government, but much of the analysis is useful for any large organisation.

Internet of Things: making the most of the Second Digital Revolution
Report (55 mins)

Why newsletters are so hot right now

Newsletters are back. Not just this one – lots of them. Wired takes a look at why a format that seemed old-fashioned a little while ago is all the rage again. One of the main reasons put forward – newsletters are finite where feeds are endless – we like getting to the end of things, not always feeling like we need to keep reading.

The return of the newsletter
Article (4 mins)