Brilliant Reads: Nordstrom’s digital strategy, Slack’s exponential growth & the need for digital boards

Welcome to the latest edition of Brilliant Reads. This week we bring you Nordstrom’s digital strategy, how to prioritise digital at board level and the Sundance success shot using an iPhone.

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when things are brought together in fresh ways. At Brilliant Noise we are interested in the dots that are connected to create these new combinations.

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Dot of the week: How Nordstrom have (successfully) digitised their business model

Retailer Nordstrom’s digital strategy stems from its century old business purpose: to provide a fabulous customer experience by empowering customers and the employees who serve them. This article examines how this approach, starting with the intersection of customer needs and business purpose (the common purpose), results in a competitive advantage across digital technologies.

Why Nordstrom’s Digital Strategy Works (and Yours Probably Doesn’t)
Article (4 mins)

The digital future: digital boards, iPhone feature films and Slack’s exponential growth

Prioritising digital development

In this post, Neil Perkin proposes the creation of ‘digital boards’ within organisations to champion and prioritise digital development.

The Digital Board
Blog post (3 mins)

Slack’s success

In the last Brilliant Reads we looked at how Slack is being used by the founders of start-ups – among others – as a closed social network. This article from First Round Review examines the platforms exponential growth and includes an interview with founder Stewart Butterfield.

From 0 to $1B – Slack’s Founder Shares Their Epic Launch Strategy
Article (18 mins)

From small screen to big screen

One of the most talked about films at Sundance Film Festival was shot using an iPhone 5S and an $8 app. Find out how in this article.

How one of the best films at Sundance was shot using an iPhone 5S
Article (5 mins)

Creators Network

Tumblr can now offer brands access to a network of 300 artists and other creatives to commission work for upcoming advertising campaigns.

Tumblr launches an in-house ad agency that pairs creators with big brands
Blog post (2 mins)