Brilliant Reads: your next content platform and a brief history of inventing new media

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Brilliant Reads. Come in, sit down and strap in as we take you through the highlights from the latest Brighton Strategy and Planning meetup and this year’s Web Summit. We’ll also have a look at some of the latest hardware that’s destined to challenge your content publishing strategies and processes at some point in the near future.

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when things are brought together in fresh ways. At Brilliant Noise we are interested in the dots that are connected to create these new combinations.
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Dot of the week: a brief history of inventing new media

Medium writer Rex Sorgatz delved into the world of new media recently, looking at digital development over the last 35 years. It’s an insightful piece that describes how we’ve gone through periods of surfing and drowning, before entering our current phase – diving.

Sorgatz discusses how the latest media innovations are enabling us to enter a period of deep content exploration, arguing that binging and immersing yourself in a single story for a day or a week is no longer deemed deviant but is, instead, now completely normal behaviour.

Surfing, Drowning, Diving
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The digital future: your next content platform

Do you know which platforms your content will be consumed on in the future? Time released its list of ‘The 25 Best Inventions of 2014’ recently, and nestled in-between innovations like wireless electricity and the real-life hoverboard (which is, let’s face it, close to three decades overdue), were a number of pieces of tech that could be displaying your content soon. The most notable of these were the Apple Watch and the Blackphone.

The 25 Best Inventions of 2014
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Another piece of tech that could change the way your audience consumes your content is Pinć, an iPhone 6 case that doubles up as virtual reality headset, allowing users to step into an immersive computing experience in a virtual environment.

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Brilliant noises – what, where and when we are saying things

Brighton Strategy and Planning meet up
There were three great talks at the recent Brighton Strategy and Planning meet up. Andrew Sleigh, creative producer at Lighthouse, Matt Bagwell, director of international strategic services at AKQA, and Krystal Lampshire, senior digital marketing exec. at Comic Relief, all spoke around the topic of ‘gaining attention from audiences, from consumers, from anyone’. Read Digby’s notes and thoughts from the night here.

Web Summit 2014
Read Rifa and Dan’s highlights and thoughts from Web Summit 2014 on the blog.

Inspiration conference
Antony’s presentation from the 2013 Inspiration – The Lifecycle of Ideas conference has been posted online. You can watch the video and read the presentation here.

Content that scales webinar
Join us on Tuesday 9th December at 4pm GMT for a free webinar on how to scale content teams. Antony will be discussing the challenges and solutions featured in our recent book, Stories that scale.

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