Brilliant Reads: minimising jargon, defined newsletters and our approach to influencer marketing

Welcome to Brilliant Reads. In this weeks roundup we share our thoughts on shifting from social to newsletters, navigating the hurdles of digital strategy and keeping influencer marketing simple.

Creating effective strategies

The digital world is changing at an increasingly rapid rate, yet most digital strategies don’t keep up. Many companies are underestimating the momentum of digitisation and the changing behaviour of their customers. This article breaks down the pitfalls into four key areas:

Fuzzy definitions – define what digital means for your business and what the opportunities are.
Misunderstanding the economics of digital – the speed of digital disruption is rapid and the payoff will go to those who move boldly, stay agile and listen to their customers.
Overlooking ecosystems – understanding these new economic rules is key, but traditional industry boundaries are also changing rapidly.
Don’t just focus on the major players – the biggest companies are seen as the biggest threats and get the most attention, but don’t forget the small players. They can be the greatest threat.

Why digital strategies fail
McKinsey, 19 mins

How we work with influencers

Influencer marketing is simple, find the advocates for your brand and reward them for loving it. Yet it’s never quite so straightforward. As audiences become more resistant to traditional advertising the power increasingly lies in the hands of their peers.

Influencer marketing can be an invaluable tool if approached in an open and honest way. In this article we discuss the key principles of our approach:
– Have clear goals
– Do your research
– Be a friend to your influencers
– Use grassroots influencers
– Endorsement is not influencer marketing

Advocacy not endorsement – the key to effective influencer marketing
Brilliant Noise, 4 mins

Driving traffic with newsletters

Following Facebook’s latest newsfeed update that de-prioritises publishers’ content, companies are being pushed to diversify their traffic sources. Huffpost UK are tackling this challenge with a new newsletter strategy. Newsletters account for 8% of HuffPost UK’s traffic, whilst social accounts for 18%. The plan is to add more topic specific newsletters in the coming months and ensuring these are highly relevant and nuanced.

Alongside newsletters, news aggregator platforms such as Apple News are proving a richer source of traffic for HuffPost UK than Twitter. The shift from purely algorithm based aggregators to those with large editorial teams allows publishers to engage directly with editors to refine content. HuffPost UK have seen not only increased traffic from these platforms but higher ad revenue.

HuffPost UK plans more topic-specific newsletters
Digiday, 3 mins

Tackling industry jargon

All business people fall prey to using industry jargon from time to time. This empty talk is not just meaningless, it can lead to frustration and losing sight of the important issues you’re trying to address.

You should challenge how ideas are presented with questions such as “what is the evidence for this?” and “what does this mean”. This forces people to take a deeper look at what they are proposing and to communicate it as clearly as possible.

This doesn’t mean you should cut out technical terms completely, professionals sometimes need these to communicate effectively to peers. The key is to distinguish the phrases that save time and build connections from the meaningless jargon.

If We All Hate Business Jargon, Why Do We Keep Using It?
Harvard Business Review, 6 mins

Notes from the DLD 2018 conference

Last week Antony joined 1,000 other delegates at the innovation, design and technology conference DLD 2018 in Munich. Featuring talks from some of the most renowned thinkers in digital the conference is the perfect opportunity to gauge the current trends in digital.

Antony shares his thoughts on some of the issues raised, including the focus on people over tech, the growing influence of blockchain and the limitations of AI alongside some of his highlights of the conference.

A glimpse of the future at DLD 2018 
Brilliant Noise, 3 mins

That’s not an ad, this is an ad

Australia have tried an unorthodox method of boosting their tourism trade. They used a viral advertising campaign to tease a reboot of the much beloved Crocodile Dundee franchise, culminating in an ad during the Super Bowl.

The ad featured the original Crocodile Dundee Paul Hogan alongside other major stars such as Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie and many more – exploring sunlit beaches, drinking Australian wine and visiting Sydney harbour. The campaign received major hype including a petition in News Corp publications and a two page spread in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.

Whilst fans were potentially left disappointed by the final reveal, the impact of the campaign can be clearly seen. With an increase of 681% in mentions of Tourism Australia and inclusion in 50% of Super Bowl ad-related engagement it was no doubt effective.

Crocodile Dundee ‘reboot’ ads revealed as tourism campaign at Super Bowl
The Guardian, 4 mins