Brilliant Reads: literary content, the lure of the office and Dots ticket announcement

Welcome to the latest edition of Brilliant Reads. This week we bring you some reasons to work from the office, the latest 3D printing innovation and the purpose of purpose.

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when things are brought together in fresh ways. At Brilliant Noise we are interested in the dots that are connected to create these new combinations.

Dot of the week: the role of branded content in great literary careers

Brands today aspire to create inspiring, high quality content and many writers still begin their careers crafting copy. This piece looks at the historic significance of these allegiances – most notably how Haruki Murakami cut his teeth writing experimental fiction for fashion label Onward Kashuyama and later Parker Pens.

What Murakami and other literary giants learned from brand writing
Article (4 mins)

The digital future: the role of purpose, the benefit of the office and 3D printed bridges

Why should your employees work from the office?

When people can work from anywhere, what are the benefits of coming into the office everyday? This post looks at the benefits of getting people under one roof (serendipity, innovation, collaboration) and how to lure your workforce there (coffee, collaborative spaces, beer).

Five trends that are reshaping your office
Blog post (4 mins)

Do brands need a purpose, or a role?

Gold Blend’s new campaign, built around helping families spend time together, has caused some people in the advertising world to question the purpose of purpose. In this post Adliterate looks at when a brand should focus on purpose and when a different approach may be more valuable.

Does every brand need a purpose?
Blog post (4 mins)

People are watching long form video on their smartphones

This report and infographic from the IAB looks at mobile video consumption in 24 countries. The research found that 36% of respondents regularly watch videos of five minutes or longer on their mobile phones – going against the common perception of mobile as a short form video channel.

IAB Research: mobile video usage, a global perspective
Infographic and report (30 mins)

Samsung dominates B2B handsets

The leading brand in B2B smartphones is now Samsung – pushing Apple into second place and leaving Microsoft in third.

Samsung overtakes Apple as UK’s biggest B2B smartphone brand
Article (2 mins)

3D printed infrastructure

Dutch designer Joris Laarman has redesigned the 3D printer – creating a bot that can potentially build a bridge in situ. The designs for a 24 foot steel bridge in Amsterdam are impressive – and the possibilities for this kind of technology are extremely exciting.

The plan to 3D print a steel bridge in mid-air
Article (2 mins)

Brilliant noises – what, where and when we are saying things

Why you should accept that invitation

Experience Director Craig Menzies’s recent blog posts have been focused on the benefits of getting out of the office to attend events and conferences. Five reasons to get your boots on gives you just that, and the follow up post So you’ve been to an event, now what? details some great ways to harness inspiration.

Dots 2015 – tickets on sale July 1st

This year’s Dots conference will be on Friday September 4th, at Dukes at Komedia in Brighton. Speakers include Net-A-Porter Publishing Director Tess Macleod-Smith, EatBigFish founder Adam Morgan and BBC Earth Digital Director Eva Applebaum. This year we will be celebrating the transformation created when ideas and practices come together in new and unexpected ways. Our speakers will share inspirational stories to challenge the way you approach your work, life and everything in-between. Read more about the speakers and the event here.