Brilliant Reads: leadership learning, rebranded IoT & investment in research

Dot of the week: learning is the key to business success

The digital age is defined by constant and unprecedented change. This piece from the Harvard Business Review highlights the importance of learning in this shifting landscape. We must equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills to connect the dots between seemingly unconnected people and ideas, to read subtle changes in the landscape and stay ahead of the competition.

Mikkelsen and Jarche break down the process into three steps: seek, sense and share. A trusted – but constantly reassessed – network can provide intelligently filtered information. We must then critically evaluate these new ideas before sharing them with our own networks. Leaders who master this and, importantly, encourage these skills within their teams will be the best equipped to succeed in the digital age.

The best leaders are constant learners
HBR (5 mins)

The (not so) smart home

The smart home – where the core technological functions are one interconnected system that seamlessly reacts to the changing climate, occupants and circumstances – is still a long way off. The focus is still on stand-alone, unaffordable and often gimmicky gadgets, rather than holistic ecosystems and the realities of getting them into people’s homes.

The Internet of Things is now the Smart Home: new name, same frustrating problems
Digital Trends (6 mins)

How Airbnb addressed its audience’s fears

If your audience has concerns about your products or services, the best course of action may be directly addressing these in your own storytelling. When Jonathan Mildenhall moved to Airbnb from Coca-Cola he recognised that people’s fears around exchanging homes with strangers needed to be acknowledged. The travel startup’s campaigns around feeling safe and at home anywhere in the world have led to huge growth – and a hotel industry fearful for its future.

How Airbnb’s CMO transformed the company into a super brand in just 18 months
Adweek (3 mins)

LinkedIn fined for use of ‘dark UX’

LinkedIn has been fined $13 million for sending spam emails to addresses harvested from users webmail accounts. Most members of the social networking site will have experienced instances of ‘dark UX’ – design which purposefully deceives or confuses the user. Amid cries that the fine is negligible to the site, it’s reassuring that these dishonest practices are at last being called out in the courts.

After lawsuit settlement, LinkedIn’s dishonest design is now a $13 million problem
Fast Company (2 mins)

The future of research

Recent weeks have seen the launch of two high-profile initiatives to encourage significant and lasting innovation. Lauded incubator Y Combinator has set up Y Combinator Posthaven, to enable long-term research and innovation. In the post announcing the move, YC president Sam Altman explains that the company is funding research for the good of the world – rather than its bottom line. NASA has also entered the startup arena with its NASA technology transfer program, designed to allow startups to licence NASA technology with no upfront fee. Future profits from the program will be ploughed back into technological development.

Brilliant noises

Can culture be measured?

Culture Director Belinda’s latest post for the Brilliant Noise blog looks at how – and if – company culture can be measured. To be meaningful a company’s values must be lived and constantly challenged. We do this every week at our company meeting and have developed an app to help measure how we are performing. If you fancy giving it a go, please get in touch .

Why visualising your organisational culture matters

Interactive Investor

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