Brilliant Reads: How marketers are leading transformation, mobile working and digital-only banks

How marketers are reorganising business around the customer

This piece by Brilliant Noise CEO Antony Mayfield, discusses why, and how marketers should be leading digital transformation. The disruption to the media and entertainment industries not only served as a warning to other sectors but was a game changer for marketers. Marketing departments responded to the change faster and better than most parts of organisations and now it’s time to pass this on to the rest of the company.

Successful marketing teams put the customer at the centre of the organisation, break down silos, and understand that tech alone doesn’t solve digital transformation. A customer-first, digitally minded approach will win the attention of the customer and real-time understanding of changing tastes, needs, and behaviour.

Why marketers should lead digital transformation
CMO 4mins

How to balance consistency with agility for strategic success

Leaders must effectively execute the core of their business while remaining open to new trends and ways of working – this requires consistency and agility. But how can you balance resilience and grit with curiosity and a willingness to change?

Learn to understand your strengths and weaknesses, surround yourself with people who complement your own skills, and create robust operational processes for consistency and a fluid planning model for agility.

The best strategic leaders balance agility and consistency
Harvard Business Review 5 mins

2017 will be the Uber moment for banks

In this interview, Anthony Thomson, founder and chairman of the UK’s first digital-only challenger bank, explains why this is the year for change in banking. New bank, Atom, is part of a selection of startups, which are a result of the post-credit crunch regulatory shakeup. This means in 2017 consumers can manage their money with data-led, customer-first, digital-only banks.

Atom promises better returns and uses data analytics to advise customers and spot problems before they happen, among other new features. He says “traditional banks will give you last month’s statement, we’ll give you this month’s”.

Why 2017 will be the year you’ll finally ditch your bank
Wired 4mins

In three years self-driving AI cars will be on the consumer market

This ambitious timeline was announced by Nvidia in partnership with Audi. An autonomous test car was showcased this year where CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said that the Audi is demonstrating skill “not end of this year, not end of next year – right now.”

This is quite a feat for a vehicle with a short training period of just four days. The AI car’s deep learning capabilities enables these fast leaps in proficiency. The AI system is based on a new Xavier computing platform and AI-based co-pilot, which helps interim levels of autonomy with features such as facial recognition and gaze tracking.

Nvidia and Audi aim to bring a self-driving AI car to market by 2020
TechCrunch 2 mins

DeepMind’s big breakthroughs of 2016

2016 was an exciting year for Google AI company DeepMind. Progress was made across algorithmic breakthroughs, social impact, and the ethical implications of AI. A notable leap was their program AlphaGo that beat the world champion at the ancient game of Go – a feat many experts said came ahead of its time.

Other highlights included achieving the world’s most life-like speech synthesis by creating raw waveforms instead of stitching together samples of language – and their work on models that can learn like neural networks and memorise data like computers.

Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The company also saw the first signs of real world impact when Google used AlphaGo-like techniques to discover methods that led to 15% improvement in a building’s energy efficiency.

DeepMind’s work on 2016: a round up
DeepMind 5 mins

How to integrate mobile working effectively

Mobile working can improve service delivery, productivity and job satisfaction while reducing administration and operating costs. A whopping 4.2 million workers are based at home and the figure is set to rise.

This piece explores how your business can integrate mobile working more effectively. To begin with, get some expert support to allay any security concerns and keep a good line of communication open with collaboration tools such as Slack. Make the right tech choices and use apps like Trello and Basecamp for project management and Dropbox to share files, and finally build trust by ensuring objectives are clear and productivity is measured.

Is your business integrating mobile working effectively?
The Telegraph 3 mins

Make your briefs work harder

At Brilliant Noise we’ve been working on a tool to allow our clients to create briefs that dynamically link with strategy documents, style guides and other useful information. This means people can get the information about what content they’re making, why they’re making it and how to make it.

How dynamic briefs can transform your content operations
Brilliant Noise 4 mins