Brilliant Reads: how customer journey mapping improves CX, and the dress created from your data

Future-proofing with seamless customer journey mapping

Helping companies and individuals to realise their own ideal future has been key to the success of several brands. Nike have been successful at this with Nike Plus and the Nike Running Club. By investing in the personal transformation of their customers they increased brand advocacy and commercial growth.

In this CMO show podcast, futurist, innovation strategist and author Anders Sorman-Nilsson talks about the need for senior marketers to empathise with their customers. He recommends using customer journey mapping to join the digital and personal experience of the customer and to anticipate future change.

The CMO Show: Anders SN on marketing with chutzpah (and zombies)
Filtered Media, podcast 24 minutes

Navigate complex customer journeys to transform customer experience

Customer journey maps remain underused and underdeveloped. Here at Brilliant Noise we believe that they are essential. In this post, we report on a meeting of senior customer experience and marketing leaders, including Iain Noakes – chief customer journey officer at The Economist – and delve into why customer journey maps are important and how they can benefit you.

How customer journey mapping drives growth
Brilliant Noise, 3 minutes

Put some meat on those B2B bones

Constructing customer personas, particularly for B2B brands, can be an arduous task.

Stacy Bolger from MaritzCX discusses the importance of developing fully fleshed-out customer personas for effective customer journey mapping. Committing to robust personas makes workshops more efficient, allows for a clear interpretation of individual motivations and shows how different customers relate to each other along the journey, as well as their changing roles throughout. Keeping these in mind makes the customer journey mapping experience run smoothly, allowing you to research the ideas that matter and realise your real goals.

Why personas matter in B2B customer journey mapping
CMSWiRE, 4 minutes

Why focusing on customer experience pays

There are some great examples of bold CEOs who have seen the value in investing in customer experience – shifting the focus from solely on earnings and keeping investors happy. A case in point is Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, who has made sure that the customer is at the heart of the company (something which has been easier for him to achieve as the majority shareholder).

This approach is successful because customers care about whether you care about them, not about monthly or quarterly earnings. Here, Blake Morgan discusses the need for bold leadership and risk-taking from CEOs to invest in and improve customer experience.

Customer experience starts with bold leadership
Forbes, 3 minutes

Customers expect extreme convenience

There is a growing trend in ‘extreme convenience’ – the rise in customer expectations means that companies must provide a seamless customer experience from end-to-end, right down to delivery. With an ever increasing number of companies vying to provide delivery services, leading the innovation of those mechanisms is key to being able to compete.

In this article, Nicola Kemp interviews the co-founders of Garçon Wines, the wine delivery service that invented the flat 750ml wine bottle that can be posted through a letterbox. They talk about their path to innovation, providing “the same high-quality product in a new way” to meet extreme convenience needs.

Extreme convenience: How delivery became marketing’s biggest disruptor
Campaign, 5 minutes

Key decisions for CEOs facing digital transformation

Leading a company today can be a hugely daunting prospect. Understanding and engaging in digital transformation is and will continue to be crucial to the survival of all organisations. To successfully navigate the process, a CEO is required to make some bold decisions to determine the direction that the transformation takes.

In this article, Peter Dahlström, Driek Desmet and Marc Singer guide us through what they believe are the seven key decisions that a CEO must make, and how to go about making them. The decisions include; where the business should go, who will lead the effort, how to sell the vision to key stakeholders and how to allocate funds.

The seven decisions that matter in a digital transformation: A CEO’s guide to reinvention
McKinsey and Company, 10 minutes

How lifestyle data could design your next outfit

Could the restaurants you visit and the weather where you live hold the answer to your ideal outfit? Fashion brand Ivyrevel think so – and have developed the technology to do just that. Currently in beta, their Coded Couture app collects data on the users lifestyle and generates garments customised to them.

Ivyrevel Hits the YouTube Runway With Industry-First “Data Dress”
Think with Google, 2 minutes