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Should knowledge-based A.I. be on your to-do list?

Artificial Intelligence is on the cusp of transforming the world. Cars that can drive themselves, and crucially learn from their mistakes, are already a reality and the possibilities for A.I. seem limitless. But what does that mean for businesses? This piece highlights a recent project with an insurance company who created a virtual assistant to answer internal queries.

The knowledge-based approach is a lot simpler – and cheaper – than machine learning (the system can grow and develop but only with the input of developers) and can save huge amounts of time and money. Simpler still are bots (like this Slackbot we built) that can easily be programmed to pull answers from a database. You can hear more about how we approach automation in our recent podcast episode ‘automate everything’.

How Companies Are Benefiting from “Lite” Artificial Intelligence
Harvard Business Review 5 mins

UX is everyone’s job

This detailed interview with Naintara Land, lead of user research at Government Digital Service, is a reminder of the power that comes from focusing on the user – whether that be customers or employees. GDS have a reputation for leading the field of user-centred design and that can only happen when everyone in the team keeps user needs front of mind throughout their work.

The initial redesign of GOV.UK has led to the more complex challenges of rethinking the end-to-end service design of each interaction with government. Naintara describes focus shifting from solely on the public to include government colleagues – as we’ve seen time and time again any organisational change must begin with the people within the organisation. The long term goal for GDS is to ‘transform the relationship between the citizen and the state’ – and it does feel as if this team could make that a reality.

UX Insider Interview – Naintara Land talks about User Research at Government Digital Service
Experience UX 25 mins

Nordic countries focus on digital education for older people

With longer life expectancies, longer working life and fast changing technology there is a real generational skills gap. A commitment to transform the working lives of older people needs to involve education – in the case of the Nordic countries it may involve mandatory digital training.

Nordic politicians are debating making school mandatory for senior citizens
Quartz 2 mins

The FT are hiding the words paid for by advertising

The latest attempt to communicate the importance of ad revenue to the publishing industry involves the Financial Times blanking out a percentage of words in articles to illustrate the percentage of their revenue that comes from ads. Currently being trialled with a small portion of visitors, the tactic will be tested against others including requests to whitelist combined with full access to content and no access at all to those using blockers.

The Financial Times Decides to Get Creative With Ad-Blocker Blocking
Advertising Age 3 mins

Has Pokémon Go paved the way for marketers to embrace AR?

Conversations, social feeds and most public spaces have been besieged by players enthusiastically seeking Pokémon over the past couple of weeks. The technology isn’t new but the widespread adoption of an augmented reality app is. Brands including Revlon and Disney have already dipped their toe in the water. A key question is whether consumers will be happy to download brand specific apps (probably not) or if platforms such as Blippar will continue to be the go-to tech for these experiments.

Pokémon Go shows potential of augmented reality for marketers
Campaign 3 mins

Dots update

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Recently added speakers include emoji expert and professor of linguistics Vyv Evans (Vyv works wth brands including Barclays on their use of the yellow faces), National Trust creative fellow Chris T-T and Nina Jones, global owner experience director at Jaguar Land Rover.

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