Brilliant Reads: empty catchphrases, unity between digital and HR, and digitally detoxing

Welcome to Brilliant Reads. This week we discuss the brands that are bucking the trend in customer experience, if empty corporate catchphrases are gagging meaningful conversations, and how HR is the missing link in digital transformation.

Catch up on Dots 2017

For everyone who enjoyed Dots 2017, or if you missed this year’s conference, we have published the videos of all the fantastic talks. Highlights include:
NSPCC’s Amanda Azeez on how children see the online world, and why protecting them online starts with educating parents.
Robin Christopherson of AbilityNet, on his goal to help clients design attractive, accessible digital experiences.
Craig Hepburn from Tata Communications, speaking about the parallels between boxing and business.

Watch the talks from Dots
Brilliant Noise, 20 mins each

Why are brands failing to improve customer experience?

British brands have seen their lowest overall ranking yet in KPMG Nunwood’s annual Customer Experience Excellence study. With customer expectations changing rapidly, it seems many brands are failing to keep up. However, there are companies that seem to be bucking the trend; notably QVC, Lush and John Lewis Finance.

What makes these companies different? They are truly and unequivocally focused on the customer. Empathising with the customer and providing what they need at each stage of the customer decision journey is key. Ensuring that content and communications align with a customer’s needs and interests builds trust and loyalty. The study shows that customer experience excellence drives real business growth – the top 10 brands in the survey have achieved ten times the revenue growth of their FTSE 100 counterparts.

Customer experience investment fails to pay off as performance hits all-time low
Marketing Week, 6 mins

Is empty management-speak stopping us from saying anything meaningful?

We live in a world riddled with corporate catchphrases and business buzzwords such as “grit”, “flipped learning” and “mastery”. With these phrases so ingrained in our day-to-day work language, this article is an in-depth and timely reminder about why we need to champion the power of plain English.

From inboxing to thought showers: how business bullshit took over
The Guardian, 15 mins

How digital transformation success is rooted in people and not technology

Most organisations know they need to reorganise around the digitally savvy customer and the connected world they now inhabit, yet so few digital transformation projects are actually successful.

HR and L&D teams often see it as a task for the digital or IT department to deal with. Yet investing in the technology is only the first step in addressing this challenge. Building skills, competencies and digital literacy throughout the organisation from ground to board level is essential for any organisational change.

The HR team must be integrated into every team to ensure a shared knowledge of the organisation and enable a full understanding of what digital transformation means.

Digital transformation: how can HR help to make this a reality?
Personnel Today, 7 mins

Why you need distance and support to really digitally detox

We’re increasingly barraged with endless information. From work email, personal social media and world news, we’re often overwhelmed by the dizzying pace and the pressure to stay connected. The balance of distancing yourself from these digital barrages and to seek support within human interaction is essential in maintaining a healthy status quo.

The ever increasing screen time and rapid responses in our day-to-day lives means we may be losing our connection to the present moment. We need to stop, look around and recognise things that often are overlooked – our emotional state, deeper, more meaningful work, and the things that we want to prioritise above the noise.

These days, ‘self-care’ means more than just escape
Wired, 9 mins