Brilliant Reads: Edinburgh TV Festival, Barbie’s influence and your last chance to join us for Dots


Last chance to join us for Dots on September 16th

The third annual Dots conference is almost here – secure one of the last few tickets to hear from speakers including David Greenfield from adidas and Google’s Nishma Robb. The lineup of marketing industry experts and inspiring outsiders will be talking about the intricate, behind-the-scenes details that create brilliant work.

Dots 2016

Vice’s Shane Smith fights back against post-MacTaggart criticism

In a world where only nimble and dynamic companies survive, Shane Smith, chief executive of Vice, warned broadcasters to deliver content that millennials want or get culled. He came under fire for his comments at the Edinburgh International Television Festival (EITF) from broadcasters defending their content. In an interview with Channel 4’s Jay Hunt, Shane fought back against the remarks made by broadcasters and addressed criticism that Vice has done deals with the devil.

Vice’s Shane Smith fights back against post-MacTaggart
The Drum 6 mins

Branded content and the TV industry

The digital revolution is disrupting TV – and one of the ways broadcasters are combating this is to generate revenue through branded content. But what does successful branded content look like and how can money be made from it? This was the topic up for discussion at the EITF. Our very own CEO, Anthony Mayfield, joined the panel and has rounded up his most memorable points from the event, in this blog post.

Indies, agencies and the battle for branded content
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Amazon Dash has crossed the pond, but the jury is still out on its success

The Dash button links to a user’s Amazon account and when pressed will order a specific household item for next day delivery. Leading household brands haven’t been shy in taking up this new venture, with Nestlé and P&G partnering with Amazon. However, Unilever has so far held out in both the US and UK.

Amazon has reported that two orders are made a minute using the Dash button. Yet, the Wall Street Journal say that less than half of those who have bought the Dash button in the US have used it.

Unilever holds out as Amazon Dash button arrives in the UK with Nestlé, P&G brands
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FMCG giants must gain customer data in order to survive

In this interview, Bonin Bough, former chief media officer of Mondelez, discusses the data-starved FMCG giants and what they must do to compete with start ups. Smaller companies, in the same arena, are experiencing success because of how they use their wealth of customer data to improve their product.

Not only is Bonin critical of the lack of data in leading brands, he’s also confused as to why there isn’t more conversation on how brands can tap into messaging apps. He’s appalled that the industry hasn’t taken more notice.

FMCG giants won’t survive without data, says outgoing Mondelez media boss
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Data teaches Google that successful teamwork is not only about intelligence, but sensitivity too

The key to a successful team is not individual intelligence, but ‘norms’, according to real data collected by Google. Norms can be defined as how a team agrees to work together. The key norms were team members allowing one another to speak for roughly the same amount of time and team members having high rates of social sensitivity. When these norms are applied, they can be replicated across projects with the same success.

Google Finds That Successful Teams Are About Norms Not Just Smarts
Hunter Walk 2 mins

Barbie shows you don’t have to be human to be an influencer

Barbie has had many jobs – astronaut, hair stylist, dog groomer but her latest is a social media influencer. Barbie’s Instagram account @BarbieStyle shows the iconic doll at events such as music festival Coachella, or wearing and naming her favourite products.

The team behind Barbie secured her first ever sponsored post with Dyson. The photograph, at an event for Dyson’s newest hairdryer, received over 41,000 likes. Barbie has always made an effort to stay on top of culture says Barbie vice president of marketing communications, Kristina Duncan, so the move into the social arena makes perfect sense.

Barbie has a new job: Social media influencer
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