Brilliant Reads: Dots podcasts, the value of comments & the future of reading


Dots of the week: Are we entering a post Kindle world?

This deeply personal piece explores the experience of consuming books electronically. Once enhanced by the promise of further innovation – eight years on from the first Kindle is our patience for imperfect UX and closed ecosystems running dry?

Future reading
Article (20 mins)

Tellingly, Waterstones announced today that it will no longer stock Amazon’s e-reader due to declining sales – and increasing sales of physical books.

Waterstones to stop selling Kindle as book sales surge
Article (2 mins)

Questioning Clay Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation

Disruption is close to becoming a meaningless buzzword – but did Christensen’s theory ever ring true? This article cites a two-year study which found only 9% of the cases used by the lauded business professor were actually instances of ‘disruptive innovation’.

Is the theory of disruption dead wrong?
Article (3 mins)

Nest leads the way in the new world of Google

Alphabet, Google’s recently created parent company, will allow individual projects and acquisitions to flourish outside of the bureaucracy of a large corporation. Nest, acquired in 2014, stood firm in a bid to maintain its company culture and autonomy – a model which the new structure seeks to emulate.

At Google, breathing room for new ideas
Article (5 mins)

Is there call for comments?

The comments section under a blog post or article is not often the place to look for insightful, thoughtful discussion. This post from Motherboard explains why they are returning to a ‘letters to the editor’ format for reader comments.

We’re replacing comments with something better
Blog post (3 mins)

Perhaps the solution isn’t to abolish comments all together but to design a way to make comments valuable again. Civil Comments gets users to rate other comments and their own quality and civility before they can post.

Can design save comments from the trolls?
Article (3 mins)

Brilliant noises

Download the Dots podcasts

We’ve released a selection of the talks from September’s Dots conference as stand alone podcasts. Download and listen to these 20-minute doses of inspiration whenever you want. Subscribe on iTunes or listen and download here.

The future of podcasts

Fellow Brighton Digital Festival event Radio Future Sounds included a panel discussion on the podcast explosion featuring Brilliant Noise podcaster extraordinaire Todd Jordan. You can listen again to the panel, as well as the other sessions, from this very timely event.