Brilliant Reads: Disney’s CX, building brands and life advice from John Waters

Disney castle

Welcome to the latest edition of Brilliant Reads. This week we’ve got a great story on how Disney is leading the CX field, a look at the science behind BuzzFeed’s viral videos, and life advice from John Waters.

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when things are brought together in fresh ways. At Brilliant Noise we are interested in the dots that are connected to create these new combinations.


Dot of the week: how Disney champions customer experience

How many companies go past paying lip service to CX and actually deliver great experiences? This article, from Jared M. Spool, discusses the need to go beyond the UX tipping point, using Disney’s Magic Band as a best practice example.

Beyond the UX tipping point
Article (7 minutes)

The digital future: BuzzFeed’s viral videos, Google’s algorithms and Apple’s watches

Google – the arbiter of quality

Search Engine Land recently wrote about Google’s latest algorithm shake up. The search engine giant has tweaked the way it determines quality and, as such, companies everywhere have been hit directly in the rankings.

The Quality Update: Google confirms changing how quality Is assessed, resulting In rankings shake-up
Blog (3 minutes)

Apple Watch – “the Cliffs Notes version of your mobile experience”

The Oatmeal has been testing the Apple Watch and found it to be more passive than personal.

8 things I learned from wearing the apple watch for a couple of weeks
Review (7 minutes)

BuzzFeed’s viral video insight

BuzzFeed’s Ze Frank gave a talk on viral video at the recent #ThinkContent Summit. In it he spoke about his journey to learn why certain videos were shared and the importance of balancing reach with impact.

Ze Frank + the mad science behind BuzzFeed’s viral videos
Blog (3 minutes)

Using content and quality to build a brand

Business storyteller Ian Sanders visited Hiut Denim recently, to find out how the Welsh jeans brand is using quality and content to survive in an industry dominated by cheap manufacturing.

Every business has its story
Video (3 minutes)

Life advice from the Pope of Trash

Movie maker John Waters gave a commencement speech recently, dolling out advice that everyone can learn something from. His truth-nuggets included don’t be afraid of failure, be culturally aware, and subvert from within.

Failure, subversion and hideous clothes: John Waters shares his life lessons
Article (3 mins)

Great email newsletter creators discussing great email newsletter creation

It’s about to get meta up in here. This panel discussion between some of the best email newsletter publishers around, focuses on what makes a great email newsletter.

On great email newsletters
Panel discussion (8 minutes)

Brilliant noises – what, where and when we are saying things

Designing Action for Children’s new content strategy and website

We recently designed and delivered a brand new content strategy and ground-up redesign of Action for Children’s website. We’re very proud of it. Find out more about how we did it.

Inspiring customers to engage and donate: content strategy and redesign for Action for Children
Blog (2 minutes)

Brilliant workshops

We held our second Brilliant workshop recently – Resilient brands – at the Century Club in London. We took a group of avid participants through what a resilient brand is, and the importance of sharing a common purpose with customers, building a system of advantage, and delivering a consistently outstanding experience. You can find out more about what happened at the workshop and look through the slides below.

Resilient Brands workshop: notes and slides
Our next workshop will be looking at culture change, and how the digital approach can create lasting instances of change. The workshops are invitation only. If you would like to attend please contact

Coming soon: Dots 2015

At this year’s Brighton Digital Festival, we’ll be hosting our second Dots event. Our speakers will share inspirational stories to challenge the way you approach your work, life and everything in-between.

Dots 2015 is on September 4 and tickets go on sale very soon. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, read what happened at last year’s Dots.