Brilliant Reads: Digital leadership, shutting down & coffee.

Welcome to Brilliant Reads, where we’re looking at the skills necessary for digital leadership, closing shop, and the benefits of coffee.

Digital Leadership is about more than shiny objects (The Guardian)

This article by Catherine Howe highlights the importance of, and need for, leaders to be digitally literate. She explores the concept of digital literacy, explaining that the problem often originates from outdated understandings of technology, and a lack of appreciation and direct access to necessary skills.

She suggests that many of the skills missing from management can often be found within other departments of an organisation. Those who are already competent in digital, whether it be technically or socially, and aware of the need for digital skills may not be senior staff, but they are the ‘canary down the mine’ and essential to helping creating the behavioural shift that all organisations will need to go through.

Image credit: WillFolsom

Shutting down and opening up (Ribot)

Andy found this great blog post from Ribot on how to curate internal company events. It contains fifteen top tips for creating an event, in this particular case ‘ribotWeek’ – a 7-day period during which they shut down normal operations and try something different to get a fresh perspective on things.

The post is admirably open and covers successes, failures and even the cost of the event. There are some great ideas from considering ‘hedonic adaptation’ when planning the week, to dressing up as Russian businessmen looking to launch a new venture.

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Lighthouse announced as Open Data Institute (Lighthouse)

Some exciting news closer to home – The Lighthouse (a digital arts organisation in Brighton) has been selected as one of the thirteen inaugural Open Data Institutes (ODI) ‘nodes’. The purpose of the nodes is to connect organisations and people that support open data projects. Not only is this a big step for the Lighthouse and for Brighton, but it also shows how countries across the world are realising the power of open data.

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