Brilliant Reads: digital boards, Instagram’s new (Snapchat) feature and Will Hudson talks Dots

Board level understanding is essential for digital transformation

Digital is not the responsibility of one department. To succeed in this ever-changing landscape organisations need to embrace – and fundamentally understand – the role that digital plays throughout the business. It’s extremely difficult to enable this without support from the very top of the organisation. The CEO, and board must get behind any digital transformation if it’s to succeed. McKinsey highlights four ways in which boards can make the shift into digital; close the insights gap, understand how digital can upend business models, engage more frequently and deeply on strategy and risk, and fine-tune the onboarding and fit of digital directors. These are, of course, easier said than done, but the rewards (and risks of not acting) are considerable. New hires might be part of the answer – but taking the time to bring everyone up to speed is crucial.

Adapting your board to the digital age
McKinsey 11 mins

Marketing can regain strength in the age of the audience

The customer has been calling the shots for a while. Traditional broadcast communications have become two-way conversations. This hasn’t stopped the advertising industry from trying every trick in the book to keep forcing their messages on the customer. This article argues that we may now be at a tipping point. By being ‘smart, humble and flexible’ and engaging with the audience, brands can ensure that their communications are delivered at the right moment and in the right place to be useful and welcome.

This is the age of the audience
Campaign 8 mins

Why newsletters are a key marketing platform

When your audience’s attention is at the mercy of newsfeed algorithms the value of a regular, opted-into communication that arrives in their inbox to be read at a convenient time can’t be overstated. Many publishers are now elevating the humble newsletter with dedicated teams and development strategies. By treating email as they do any other platform, publishers such as Quartz and the Washington Post are seeing fantastic returns on their investment in people and technology.

Newsletter editors are the new important person in newsrooms
Digiday 3 mins

Instagram launches feature inspired by Snapchat

The news of Instagram’s new ‘Stories’ feature was met with wry smiles from some commentators – its functionality is an almost exact copy of Snapchat’s feature of the same name. (Something that even Instagram are happy to admit.) The ability to broadcast a selection of images and video to followers that last for just 24 hours moves Instagram squarely into the ‘lifecasting’ space occupied so successfully by Snapchat. Could it help the platform reach a new audience?

Introducing Instagram Stories
Instagram blog 2 mins

Dots speaker Will Hudson talks creativity and collaboration

Founder and director of It’s Nice That, Will Hudson, talked to us about the media platform that started as a university project and how he sees the future of creativity, ahead of his appearance at Dots on September 16th. Recent speaker additions include digital anthropologist Lydia Nicholas and linguistics Professor Vyv Evans. There’s still time to get your ticket – but they might not be around for long.

Will Hudson: behind the scenes at It’s Nice That
Brilliant Noise 3 mins

Should TV companies be focusing on branded content?

If you’re heading to the annual Edinburgh International Television Festival at the end of the month make sure to catch Brilliant Noise CEO, Antony Mayfield, speaking alongside BuzzFeed and Channel 4 in this panel on branded content on Wednesday 24th August.