Brilliant Reads: developing a culture for change, gender stereotyping and an interview with Becky Parker

Hello and welcome to Brilliant Reads. This week, we discuss the ASA’s reaction to gender stereotyping, we share the latest Dots news including a Q&A with Becky Parker and we discuss the cultural obstacles that restrict digital growth.

How attitudes towards change are restricting revenue growth

Having a slow response to quick changing customer demands is damaging for revenue and for innovation. According to the 2016 Mckinsey survey, cultural obstacles like siloed mindsets, an aversion to risk and having a non-digital culture overall were factors most likely to be a barrier for digital effectiveness and also negatively affect economic performance. These disrupters are common, but cost too much not to address.

Risk taking is essential for innovation and for being reactive and fast-moving. Having a traditional decision making hierarchy can slow down processes and mean losing customers; quicker and effective solutions can only be reached if employees are empowered by knowledge and trust.

A digital culture needs a clear customer-focus, this makes it easier to have a unified understanding of success. Dots speaker Neil Perkin details the operational characteristics that need to be in place to have a digital culture in your organisation in this article.

Culture for a digital age
McKinsey, 16 mins

What the first 100 days should look like for a new Chief Digital Officer

Successful transformation is about having a clear idea of what needs to be done and how you’ll get there. In this blog post, Antony details the first four things that a CDO (or any senior transformation leader) should think about when tasked with transforming an organisation:

  1. Draw a clear picture of the current state – develop a narrative backed by data about the position the organisation is in.
  2. Get help from change agents and do-ers, not big consultancies – don’t hire an incumbent to become a disruptor.
  3. Find a win (and don’t worry if it’s the company website) – think about what might block you in the future, don’t start with innovation if the basics aren’t up to scratch.
  4. Build other digital leaders – fast. Develop a digital mindset across the organisation and realise your job is to build a coalition not an empire.

An open email to new CDOs: how to ace your first 100 days
Brilliant Noise blog, 6 mins

It’s not the ASA who need to fight advertising stereotypes

The ASA has decided to take a “tougher line” on regulation following an investigation caused by Protein World’s 2015 ‘Beach Body Ready’ campaign. However, this article argues that it’s the creative teams behind the campaigns that need to take a tougher line.

The industry needs more internal diversity to make eliminating gender stereotyping from their campaigns a priority. Unilever launched its ‘Unstereotype Alliance’ last month with 24 companies, including Facebook, Diageo and Google, to challenge gender stereotypes. By uniting leaders from business, technology and creative industries, we’re more likely to see a progressive transformation, rather than more careless ads.

Tackling gender stereotypes: are new ad rules the answer?
Marketing Week, 7 mins

Podcast: what you need to know when creating content guidelines

Last month, we shared Lauren’s top five tips for creating inspiring content guidelines. Listen to our latest podcast where she discusses her experience of doing a lightening talk at content strategy conference Confab. The episode includes insight into the importance of content strategy and the operational benefits of having content guidelines.

Five ways to create inspiring content guidelines
Brilliant Noise Podcast, 8 mins

The decay of the million dollar home page

Once a student’s bright idea, now a digital artefact, the Million Dollar Home Page initially offered pixels for sale at $1 per pixel in 2005. The page raised $1,037,100 in revenue, but 12 years later, 37% of the page’s links are unreachable. The website now exists as a piece of internet history and an example of link rot.

A million squandered: The “Million Dollar Home Page” as a Decaying Artifact
Harvard Library Innovation Lab, 5 mins

Dots 2017 updates

We’re excited to announce Robin Christopherson is the latest speaker at Dots. Robin is a founding member of UK tech charity AbilityNet. Central to his mission is exploring how tech can make life better for disabled people. Robin has won several prestigious accolades for his work, including an MBE this year and the Special Award at the Tech4Good Awards 2016 in recognition of his services as a digital inclusion evangelist (previous winners include Professor Stephen Hawking).

We recently spoke to Dots speaker Becky Parker about her involvement with The Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS). Read her interview on our blog.

As well as being the EMEA VP of Twitter, Bruce Daisley has a work culture podcast called Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat. In this episode he talks to Tony Schwartz the author of The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working about how to be efficient (and kind to yourself) in the workplace. Catch Bruce, Becky, Robin and many more fantastic speakers at Dots on 29th September. Get your tickets before it’s too late.

Visit the digital forest

For two weeks, The Old Market in Brighton will be turned into a digital forest, where nature and technology collide. Creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast return following their sell-out run of In The Eyes of the Animal as part of vrLAB at TOM last year, which filled the space with large-scale installations and unforgettable VR experiences.

This year, you’ll be able to shake musical trees and create patterns of light and sound.