Brilliant Reads: The definition of advertising, Brighton Fuse, and why we all hate Excel.

Welcome to Brilliant Reads, where we’re looking at the definition of advertising, the Brighton Fuse report, and why we all hate Excel.

The definition of advertising has never before been more unclear (Adweek)

This piece by Randall Rothenberg explains just how far advertising has been disrupted by technology. It’s no longer how it used to be *insert Mad Men reference here* when the client asked for a campaign and the advertising, marketing, design and media agencies followed their templates. Now, thanks to technology, we have no consensus on what the basic definition of advertising is – this “is the source of both opportunity and crisis.”

Today’s media landscape is more diverse than ever before, from billboards to fuel bands and continuing to expand. This is coupled with there being no agreement between experts on why we advertise in the first place, whether it’s to raise awareness, connect socially, be useful or a combination of all (or none) of these.

“Digital technologies have put the very definition of advertising and marketing up for grabs”

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I like, I wish, I wonder (Akshay Kothari)

This great idea from Akshay Kothari of LinkedIn proposes a different way to debrief your team at the end of the week. The concept is simple – on a Friday afternoon the teams gather together for half an hour to share thoughts on anything, the only restriction being that sentences must begin with “I like…”, “I wish…” or “I wonder…”

Perhaps of equal value to the ideas is that the format helps their team to celebrate small wins, rather than waiting for the next big product launch to receive appreciation.

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Why do you hate Excel?(Russel McAthy)

Last week Beth and Digby travelled up to London to attend Measurefest – a conference dedicated to analytics and insight. There were a number of great talks, but the standout for them (and it would seem most of the delegates) was one that resonated on an emotional level – Why do you hate Excel?

Russel McAthy’s suggestions range from the infuriatingly obvious to the beautifully smart, and have given us much food for thought since we saw his excellent presentation last week.

Brilliant video: findings from the Brighton Fuse report

Brilliant thing: the thought that hashtags could be the new URLs