Brilliant Reads: decision fatigue, legal feedback and the challenge of recruiting tech talent

Welcome to Brilliant Reads. This week we bring you the reason why you should always eat the same breakfast, how the way you pay for flights is going to change, and a glimpse into the future of retail.

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when things are brought together in fresh ways. At Brilliant Noise we are interested in the dots that are connected to create these new combinations.


Dot of the week: what Silicon Valley can teach us about recruiting tech talent

Digital transformation and culture change aren’t just about becoming more innovative or effective as an organisation. If you’re not serious about digital, smart digital people won’t want to work for you. This column from The Economist discusses some of the challenges that companies are tackling in trying to attract tech-literate talent.

Schumpeter: How to bag a geek
Article (5 mins)

The digital future: decision fatigue, legal feedback and the breakthrough tech of 2015

How limiting decision making can improve your day

One thing we’ve learned about digital is that the human computer is just as important as the tools they use. Attention and focus are very finite resources. This article from the FT reminds us why and suggests that routine and habits are a good strategy for keeping your brain-power for stuff that matters.

Creative thinking: why a morning routine helps conserve your brainpower
Article (3 mins)

Could Bitcoin revolutionise air travel commerce?

Bitcoin and blockchain (the technology that powers the cryptocurrency) are featuring on more and more of our clients’ trend radars. One of the travel industry’s big flight booking engines will now allow bitcoin transactions for companies that want to offer it to their customers. This isn’t a gimmick – margins are often paper-thin and bitcoin means travel companies can lower costs by side-stepping currency conversion overheads. Do your career a favour and get your head around this complex area sooner rather than later. We recommend O’Reilly’s Blockchain book as a primer, or start with this blog post: Understanding the blockchain (15 mins).

Booking flights with bitcoin: taking off
Article (3 mins)

eBay style online dispute resolution heading to UK courts

Every industry is being disrupted by digital – including the UK legal system. By the way, the blockchain concept of smart contracts could bring even more change to that industry (see above).

Online court proposed to resolve claims of up to £25,000
Article (4 mins)

UK focus on Fintech investment

Chancellor George Osborne announced £100 million of investment for UK FinTech start-ups last week. This is interesting not just from an investor point of view, but for the growing number of UK financial services companies exploring partnerships with these disruptors.

UK wants to be a world leader in FinTech and virtual currencies
Article (2 mins)

Warby Parker beats Apple to top spot on innovation league table

It’s always interesting to see who has been blessed by Fast Company’s annual innovation survey. This year Warby Parker tops the list – a “brand that was born on the web”.

Most innovative companies 2015
League table

The potential of Apple Watch apps

The hype is rising – so it must be spring and the launch of a new Apple device. It’s hard to pick out meaning from the noise around any Apple announcement, but Andrew Chen does a great job of explaining why we should all be paying attention to the Apple Watch.

The race for Apple Watch’s killer app
Blog post (5 mins)

Liquid biopsies, nano-architecture and Apple Pay

MIT’s review of technologies that really could change the world in the next decade or so is a thrilling read. Spoiler alert – it’s not all about apps.

10 breakthrough technologies 2015
Article (30 mins)

The retail experience of tomorrow

Omni-channel fans will enjoy this survey of how shoe stores are innovating. Your skeptic-senses may start tingling at the sight of a “smart table” at the head of this article. We saw a great presentation by retail tech expert Minter Dial last year, showing how few of these pieces of digital retail theatre actually worked or added value. However, trends that actually provide reliable, useful applications to shoppers – like mobile check-outs – are worth paying attention to.

The most high-tech shoe stores of tomorrow
Article (8 mins)