Brilliant Reads: the dangers of principle drift, an introduction to experience design and telescopic contact lenses

Welcome to the latest edition of Brilliant Reads. This week we’re warning you about the dangers of principle drift, and sharing an introduction to experience design.

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when things are brought together in fresh ways. At Brilliant Noise we are interested in the dots that are connected to create these new combinations.


Dot of the week: why our principles drift and the challenges of staying on course

It’s easy to recognise the need for digital transformation. It’s not massively complex to develop a digital vision or strategy and begin a programme. What’s difficult is staying the course; developing new organisational habits, while not letting the old ones reemerge. Russell Davies describes how organisations and whole industries have fallen into this trap. An essential read.

Principle drift
Blog post (3 mins)

The digital future: customer experience, the Internet of Things and telescopic eyes

Experience design: a detailed guide to an emerging disciple

An intelligent look at an emerging discipline – where customer experience gets practical. It draws on interviews with people from across the disciplines that are collaborating around this idea.

What is experience design? An in-depth guide to what this mix of branding, UX, service design and more really means

Article (11 mins)

The Crunchies: satire, feuding and misogyny

A scandalous account of satire, feuding and misogyny at the Crunchies, an award ceremony for start-ups where Apple (the most valuable company in the world, established in 1976) and Uber (a company valued at over US$40BN operating in 60 countries) were both nominated.

Startups and Self-Loathing at the 8th Annual Crunchies Awards
Article (6 mins)

The Internet of Things might be further away than we think

The Internet of Things has become a buzzword and a bandwagon, but that doesn’t mean it is something to ignore, argues this FT piece. While in the short-term the spread of internet-connected objects has been over-hyped – much like the web was in the 90s – it holds huge potential for businesses of all kinds. 

The internet of things: expect the spectacular — but just not yet
Article (6 mins) 

Wink to zoom with telescopic contact lenses

Beyond the internet of things and wearables looms an even more intimate relationship between our bodies and technology. Contact lenses that allow people with visual impairments to zoom in by winking twice give us a glimpse (ahem) of the future. How long before we see Apple iEyes on the market? 

Telescopic contact lenses let you zoom in on demand
Article  (2.5 mins) 

Bringing Minecraft into the classroom

Minecraft, now owned by Microsoft, continues to be one of the most popular games for kids, with over 18 million copies downloaded to date. Some far-sighted teachers have seized on the educational benefits of the game. 

Teaching in the age of Minecraft
Article (9 mins)

Customer experience isn’t an award-winner, but it’s vital to brands nonetheless

Apps that actually work, orders that actually turn up on time are the stuff that brands are made of in the age of the customer, according to this piece of analysis from Contagious. Branding in the broadcast age was all about making a beautiful – or elegant, or eye-catching, or aspirational – promise. Today it’s increasingly about keeping that promise. 

Efficiency is the new premium
Article (6 mins)

Brilliant noises – what, where and when we are saying things

We’ve just published a write up of the last Brighton Strategy and Planning Meetup on our blog. Focusing on the theme of ‘Uncertainty and the edge’ it features notes and slides from talks by Merlin Nation, creative director of Atyp, Natalie Lloyd, agency partner at Say Digital, and Jon Burkhart, chief content officer at Real-Time Content Labs.

Strategy and Planning Meetup #3 – loving the future and the edge of online learning