Brilliant Reads: customer focused data and a tumultuous time for news

‘Unite the promise makers with the promise keepers’

True customer understanding will come from a comprehensive use of data, argues this piece. It is no longer enough for the marketing department to sell the dream of a product or service and then feel their job is done. The focus on the customer must extend into delivery.

A clear data strategy and a consistent approach to analysis, made available to all parts of the organisation, makes the common goal of delighting customers more achievable. The skills required to listen to and interpret data can be taught, but you must first begin with leaders who are completely focused on the customer.

Marketers must join up ‘promise’ and ‘delivery’ to create seamless CX 5 mins

Combining data science, behavioural economics and lean methodology

The disciplines of data science and behavioural economics are often summoned to substantiate marketing strategy – but are you using your data effectively? In this post, our senior data consultant, Nick Siantonas, explains why adopting the lean methodology of build, measure, learn can ensure that you are getting the most from your analysis.

How to build, measure and learn your way to more robust data insight
Brilliant Noise 5 mins

Why journalists shouldn’t leave the analytics to the data team

While most news organisations and publishers are using analytics to keep track of (and hopefully improve) views, clicks and shares, savvy organisations are using the data for a whole lot more. What Nieman term ‘editorial analytics’ can be used to inform not only the content being produced but who it is reaching and how the organisation works. It has found that in companies where analytics are being used well this is as much down to the organisation and culture as the tools and technology.

The next step: moving from generic analytics to editorial analytics
NiemanLab 5 mins

The Independent shifts to digital only and Trinity Mirror launch a new print only publication

The news last week that the Independent will no longer be on newsstands seemed like a dramatic, if not unexpected, moment for print journalism. A few days later, Trinity Mirror announced it would be launching the New Day, in a move aimed at ‘revitalising print’. The balancing act of what readers want, what readers are willing to pay for and what advertisers see the value in supporting means these experiments will continue for some time.

The Independent: a newspaper killed by the Internet
The Guardian 4 mins

Trinity Mirror to launch print title the New Day next week
Marketing 1 min

Monitoring the markets via emoji

Quartz has launched an iPhone app that aims to bring news journalism to mobile in a new way. Conceived around a conversational format, the user can ‘reply’ to messages to receive further detail. Notifications are nuanced and playful – if you have an Apple Watch you can even keep track of the US markets via a constantly updated emoji.

It’s here: Quartz’s first news app for iPhone
Quartz 3.5 mins

Publishing directly to the newsfeed

Facebook has announced that it is opening its Instant Articles feature to all publishers. Instant Articles are content made available without leaving the Facebook app, resulting in faster load times and a cleaner user experience. The feature has been available to a number of publishers since mid-2015 and initial results suggest they generate over three times as many shares as regular links.

Facebook will open Instant Articles to all publishers on April 12
VentureBeat 2 mins

Find out how adidas and Amex tackle global content operations

Our recent breakfast briefing, How content operations can become your marketing superpower, featured clients from adidas and American Express sharing their own content challenges and triumphs. You can catch up with the key messages and slides on the blog.

How content operations can become your marketing superpower – notes and slides
Brilliant Noise 4 mins