Brilliant Reads: customer focused content, adidas’ social success and the fear of data


Are marketers right to be fearful of Data?

In this article Mark Cripps from The Economist articulates the unspoken fear of many a marketing leader – what if the data tells us something we don’t want to know? Undertaking a complex, time and budget consuming exercise in consolidating and clarifying your customer and sales data is always going to be a daunting task. The results may well highlight some uncomfortable truths – but the risk of not acting is far greater.

Marketers must solve the data paradox
Campaign 8 mins

Content marketing isn’t new. But the mindset is.

We all know that content marketing isn’t a new thing – for example the French tyre company Michelin have been publishing their guide to the best restaurants (thus inspiring you to drive around on your tyres that bit more) for over 100 years. However, the customer-centric mindset, the acknowledgement that the customer has the choice to engage with your content or not (unlike the advertisements they were historically subjected to) does require a shift in strategy and execution.

In this interview with a former advertising exec we’re reminded that the old processes just won’t work today. The quest for loyalty and advocacy needs a fresh approach. Producing consistent, high-quality content requires new processes and operations. Take content seriously, and most importantly take your customer and their needs seriously and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

Confessions of a Former Ad Exec: There Are Not Enough Quality Content People
The Content Strategist 9 mins

Facebook’s battle with clickbait is not ending any time soon

It’s harder than it seems to stamp out clickbait. Facebook has recently made yet another algorithm tweak in its war against misleading headlines. To define what constitutes a genuine post versus clickbait the changes look at two key points; firstly, if the headline withholds information and secondly, if it exaggerates the content creating misleading expectations for the reader. However, despite 80% of users saying they would rather see genuine articles appear on their news feed, clickbait headlines remain very popular in terms of clicks – making them tricky to stop.

You’ll Never Guess What Facebook Is Doing to Reduce Clickbait
Fortune 3 mins

Why Amazon, Google and Facebook are not technology companies

What makes a company a technology company? The word technology has lost much of its meaning and the root of the problem comes from the private language of finance. Stock exchanges, such as FTSE, break markets down into 10 industries, with ‘Internet’ acting as a subsector of ‘Software & Computer Services’.

The reality is that Facebook and Google make most of their revenue from advertising, and should be considered media companies. Similarly, Amazon isn’t a technology company since it makes most of it’s money from selling consumer goods. This is no bad thing – in fact, it’s what makes them interesting and it shouldn’t be swept under the ‘tech’ carpet.

Facebook Is Not a Technology Company
The Atlantic 4 mins

adidas raise the collaboration bar

adidas have proved how well they know their customers yet again by announcing Paul Pogba’s move to Manchester United with a video featuring rap sensation Stormzy. The short clip grabbed the attention of social media audiences and created a whirlwind of excitement across the internet. It’s a fresh and creative approach, and one that points to new ways of marketing to audiences on social media.

Adidas and Paul Pogba point to a new advertising era
The Drum 3 mins

The challenge of being lean

Lean startup methodology allows companies to tune into customer needs and act quickly to address them. Although this methodology has been gaining major momentum inside big companies such as General Electric, Alaska Airlines and Telefonica – it often clashes with corporate culture. For example, senior decision-makers may feel undermined by the use of data to guide decisions. There is also a concern that sharing unfinished products may damage brand reputation. This article advises that the key to the lean startup approach within large companies is to stay within certain bounds and take one step at a time – such as testing in a single country, rather than globally.

The Barriers Big Companies Face When They Try to Act Like Lean Startups
Harvard Business Review 6 mins

Believing in magic will transform the world

Dots 2016 speaker Andy Whitlock helps keep magic alive for children through his work for Lost My Name, the personalised book company. In this interview he tells us what we expect from his talk at Dots as well as the differences between agency and startup life.

There’s still time to get your ticket to see Andy and the other amazing speakers in Brighton on September 16th.

Andy Whitlock: why the world needs more magic
Brilliant Noise 4 mins