Brilliant Reads: core values in content strategy, and what biology can teach us about digital.

Welcome to this week’s Brilliant Reads. Amongst other things, we’re taking a look at core values in content strategy, and what biology can teach us about digital. Would you like Brilliant Reads in your inbox each week? Sign up here.

Core values and content strategy (Slideshare)

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In his talk at this year’s CS Forum conference in Helsinki, Facebook’s Jon Colman looked at the role of core values in content strategy.

Jon suggests that when it comes to content, we often focus on tactics, techniques and tools, and that when it comes to creating a core content strategy, we get blocked by a lack of direction or guiding purpose.

He attributes this to either a lack of core values or having ones that don’t match up with the reality of how the business actually makes decisions.

In his presentation, he examines the process of building or discovering your core values, and aligning them with your content strategy.

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What biology can teach us about digital (Brilliant Noise)

Digital ecosystem diagram showing content, populations, competition and habitats Click image to view in full size

In this post from our own blog, Beth takes a look at digital ecosystems, and just how much we can learn about them by using ideas from the study of ecosystems in biology.

Beth writes that the phrase ‘digital ecosystem’ is often mis-used or over-used in our industry, but that it’s actually a useful and apt concept.

Mapping the key elements of a biological ecosystem – like habitats, communities, populations and resources – to a digital ecosystem, and using ecological research methods to analyse them can throw up interesting insights.

Beth argues that there’s huge potential to take proper scientific data models used in ecological research, and apply them to digital data sets, unveiling new insights for the industry, without us needing to devise statistical models from scratch.

Bringing digital into the boardroom (Econsultancy)

This interview with Celia Pronto, Group Marketing and Ecommerce Director at Ford Retail, has some interesting insights about how the company is bringing digital into the boardroom and the meeting the challenges of digital transformation.

Here are three stand-out quotes from the interview:

  1. “The biggest challenge has been prioritising what we need to do to deliver something relevant to our customers, rather than copying others or getting behind the latest trend…The other challenge has been educating colleagues across the business about digital to ensure they are comfortable with it.”
  2. “For me customer experience covers the entire spectrum from what goes into creating an expectation in a customer’s mind – including advertising and word of mouth/social – through to the retail look and feel, the atmosphere you create, the service delivery, how your people behave and the post- visit experience. One weak link in the chain means a disappointed customer, and a failure to deliver on their expectation of a great experience”
  3. “Start with what is true and unique about your business, and build from there. If you listen to your customers and staff you can get to this pretty easily.”

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