Brilliant Reads: The CMOs leading change, customer journeys at LEGO and flying cars

The marketers driving business transformation

CMOs and their marketing teams are the closest to the customer – and when these frontline teams are at their most effective they drive change throughout organisations. This piece brings together 50 individuals who are working to reorganise communications, and often the business as a whole, around customer needs. Our recent whitepaper on Connected Customer Marketing™ gives our view on what great looks like – and the steps you need to take to get there.

The 50 most innovative CMOs in the world
Business Insider, 45 mins

The cognitive biases stopping business transformation – and how to overcome them

For business transformation to succeed you must acknowledge, and fight against, cognitive biases. The two biases to take note of are loss aversion and conformity. Together they form a toxic combination that can limit organisational change.

There are four things that can be done to combat this. Firstly, companies must exploit unique events, such as a change in leadership or collapsing share price, to reset the agenda. Secondly, they must frame failure-to-transform in terms of losses. Thirdly, companies should create both mental and physical space for transformation efforts. And fourthly, visibly embrace and challenge those leading the transformation.

How loss aversion and conformity threaten organizational change
Harvard Business Review, 5 mins

Why LEGO put customer journey mapping at the heart of design

In this article by a former designer at LEGO, we discover that customer journey mapping is central to how they create. How the customer feels at each stage, whether that be stressed, thrilled or curious, is taken into account and each LEGO product is a result of this customer journey analysis.

5 things I learnt as a designer at LEGO
Medium, 6 mins

Creators of Second Life explore virtual reality

Linder Lab, the makers of cult online virtual world Second Life, are now trying their hand at VR, with the creation of Sansar. They are not the first, and certainly won’t be the last to experiment with a VR social network. Facebook have their own VR social team working on the brand’s Oculus Rift headset. When VR finally conquers the consumer market Sansar may well become its heartland.

Inside Sansar, the VR successor to Second Life
The Verge, 5 mins

Marc Andreessen talks flying cars and how technology can solve political crises

When Marc Andreessen talks about technology and innovation, he is inspirational and evangelical in equal measure. True to character Andreessen sees the solution to the wave of anger across the US as technological. For Andreessen, the issue is not one of inequality of wealth or income, but opportunity. His answer to this is development in online services, telepresence and start-ups like Slack and Github –  creations that make geography less relevant to opportunity.

On flying cars, Andreessen expects them to come to life when a battery is created that can fuel them.

Flying cars are closer than you think
The Verge, 22 mins

adidas’s creative director emphasises importance of culture

2016 has been a great year for adidas. It has reclaimed its position as the second biggest sportswear brand in the US and seen its stock rise steadily.

Part of this success can be pinned down to global creative director Paul Gaudio. His leadership of 650 designers results in a “collective consciousness” for the brand. For Gaudio culture is of equal importance as purpose when designing a product. adidas put themselves in the consumer’s shoes, asking detailed questions about their lifestyle, values and ambitions. This customer focus drives adidas’s ambition to be the best sports brand in the world.

Changing Stripes
BuzzFeed, 23 mins