Brilliant Reads: BuzzFeed analytics, crowdsourced walks & from CNN to Snapchat

Welcome to the latest edition of Brilliant Reads. This week we bring you BuzzFeed’s game-changing social analytics, two examples of the power of crowdsourced content, and how traditional journalism is squaring up to the future (both with and without Snapchat).

Interesting ideas and innovation happen when things are brought together in fresh ways. At Brilliant Noise we are interested in the dots that are connected to create these new combinations.


Dot of the week: BuzzFeed introduces the next generation of network analytics

BuzzFeed have a new technology which tracks shares from both social and dark social sources (for the low down on dark social – spoiler, it’s not as mystical as it sounds – read this excellent blog post from the IAB). The post explains this new way of collecting and analysing the data integral to the site’s business model.

Introducing pound: process for optimising and understanding network diffusion
Blog post (6 min)

The digital future: the destructive power of crowdsourced reviews and the emotional power of crowdsourced walks

The all powerful public

In the US, Yelp is the all pervasive review site of choice. The power it – or more accurately its contributors – hold over the hospitality industry is immense.
How some Yelpers are holding restaurants hostage
Article (4 mins)

Crowdsourced interactive storytelling

The New York Times has combined crowdsourced stories with Google Maps to bring forgotten corners of the city to life in this beautiful interactive article.
Walking New York
Interactive article (up to 60 min)

The great disruption of journalism

Traditional print media powerhouses are still struggling to find their place in the digital world. This extract from Michael Shapiro’s new book analyses how the industry has been disrupted and what lies ahead.
The value of news
Article (20 min)

Snapchat appoints CNN reporter as Head of News

The appointment of highly regarded CNN journalist Peter Hamby by the ephemeral social platform further bolsters the app’s credentials in the news and media realm.
Peter Hamby leaving CNN for Snapchat
Blog post (3 min)

Are you focusing on the content that matters most?

You know that you need to focus on the content and features that matter most to your customers, but does your task list reflect that?
What really matters: focusing on top tasks
Article (10 min)

Are meetings making you inefficient?

This post features a host of infographics that will terrify you into never scheduling an unnecessary meeting again.
America meets a lot
Blog post (3 min)

Brilliant noises – what, where and when we are saying things

Catch up on our experience design workshop

Our recent experience design workshop, led by Brilliant Noise experience director Craig Menzies, resulted in a room of marketing and CX professionals who were so engrossed in the task in hand that they couldn’t even be convinced to down Post-its for a cup of tea! Read our notes and view Craig’s slides from the event in this blog post.
Brilliant Experience Design workshop: notes and slides
Blog (2 min)

Forrester Forum For Marketing Leaders

On Thursday 30th April, Brilliant Noise CEO Antony Mayfield will be speaking on a panel as part of the second day of Forrester’s flagship London event. For those of you in attendance don’t miss the session at 12.20pm, alternatively you can follow the conference on Twitter using the hashtag #FORRForum.