Brilliant Reads: a transformational mindset, culture for the win and Caroline Webb to speak at Dots 2016

Digital transformation is about mindset rather than tech

When your industry is changing beyond all recognition and startups begin to look like threats, you need to reconsider everything you thought you knew.

We’re (thankfully) moving away from the dated belief that digital can be treated as a ‘bolt-on’ – that you can hire interns to look after social media, commission an app and tick ‘digital’ off the list. The authors of this piece break down the challenge into a five point plan: identify; consider; uncover; extrapolate; act.

To go digital, leaders have to change some core beliefs
Harvard Business Review 6 mins

The mindset for digital innovation could already be in your company

In contrast to the above argument, this article also published in HBR, sets out the case for incumbents having the upper hand in a tumultuous business and economic climate. Robust infrastructure and profitability can provide a great jumping off point for innovation.

Stop saying big companies can’t innovate
Harvard Business Review 4 mins

When company culture trumps money and smart people

In this extract from a book by a former Facebook employee, we learn about the war waged by the social media giant to ensure Google Plus didn’t steal their users.

The evangelical zeal of the indoctrinated Facebook employees went (according to this account) a long way towards crushing Google’s rival product. A state of ‘lockdown’ was declared and employees were encouraged to work seven days a week to ensure that any chink in the Facebook armour was quickly patched.

How Mark Zuckerberg led Facebook’s war to crush Google Plus
Vanity Fair 20 mins

How a focus on diversity brought success to Unruly

Unruly focuses on diversity in recruitment and retaining a gender balanced workforce through a culture of learning and collaboration. The company Sarah Wood co-founded in 2005 was acquired by News Corp last year – in a move conceived to bring the best minds in video analytics in-house for the media superpower.

In Wood’s own words the biggest challenge still facing the industry is “helping consumers to recognise that quality content comes at a cost, helping publishers to realise their audiences need to be shown ads that are not interruptive, and brands recognising that they have a responsibility to create ads that bring value”.

Unruly’s Sarah Wood: the tech angel blowing a trumpet for female staff
Campaign 6 mins

Caroline Webb joins lineup for Dots 2016

We’re excited to announce that Caroline Webb has been added to the fantastic lineup for the third annual Dots conference on September 16th. The productivity guru and author of one of the most lauded business books of 2016 joins:

£99 early bird tickets are going fast – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

To B2B or not to B2B?

When most B2B content is jargon heavy and unimaginative something as simple as focusing on the individual decision makers can make all the difference. In the latest episode of The Brilliant Noise Podcast, founding partner Maddy Cooper talks to consultant Dave Standen about the challenges facing B2B marketers – and how to overcome them.

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