Brilliant Experience Design workshop: notes and slides

Last week we were delighted to welcome an invited group of senior marketing and customer experience professionals to the first of a new series of pragmatic and inspiring workshops. The session focussed on how to deliver a seamless experience for your customers.

As Brilliant Noise CEO Antony Mayfield explained in his introduction, marketers must decide between becoming the promotions department or the customer experience department.

The main challenges discussed will be familiar to anyone working in the field:
– How can you deliver an integrated customer experience?
– How can you get support and investment for your customer experience programs?
– How can you really understand your customer’s challenges?

Craig Menzies, Experience Director at Brilliant Noise, shared some fun and inspiring stories to bring the customers perspective to life. These included a mobile phone company that staged a break-in to their headquarters to focus their office staff on real customer frustrations – with surprising results.

The main challenge facing the attendees was not to do with budgets or ambition but the structure of the organisations in which they work. Departments and systems built up over many years can make it difficult to identify, and take charge of, a unified customer experience program.

Brilliant Noise favourite Good Strategy/ Bad Strategy is full of insights into this dilemma, as author Richard Rumelt explains, having a strategy is already an advantage because most organisations simply don’t have one. Similarly, in The Strategist Cynthia Montgomery describes how a strategy is not a goal, or an objective, but a system of actions that runs throughout theĀ organisation. As Craig illustrated (with a helping hand from Anne Lamottā€™s classic text), it’s critical to approach the problem “Bird by Bird” to actually make an impact.

The attendees then broke into four groups to work on a range of exercises including persona creation, customer journey mapping, strategy assessment and approach definition. The enthusiasm for these activities – and ultimately for the understanding garnered – was inspiring. They even refused to take a coffee break!

Thank you to all of the attendees for giving up the time for the session and bringing such energy and range of experience to the event. Thanks also to Craig and to Antony for delivering such a fantastic session.

We have created a podcast of the key insights form the session, click here to listen or download.

Our next workshop will be looking at the challenges around building and developing a digital brand. If you would like to receive an invitation please contact