Brighton Strategy and Planning meetup: Wednesday 2nd July

On Wednesday 2nd July Antony will be hosting the inaugural Brighton Strategy & Planning meetup at Lighthouse, 6.30pm.

This will be a forum for practitioners and experts from different industries to share ideas around the arts of the strategist and planner. There will be a strong digital flavour, but it’s open to anyone with an interest in strategic thinking, design, innovation and technology.

Our three speakers will be drawing from their own experiences to show how strategy is formed, created and executed. The event is open to all and ideal for anyone interested in strategy as a discipline and those wanting to drive innovation and change in their business.

Speakers and talks for the evening will be:

  • Antony Mayfield (Host) – Founder, Brilliant Noise
  • Sarah Ogden – Director, 3 Monkeys – What happens when Monkeys go Ape?
  • Mark Ralphs – MD, Bloom Worldwide  – Old dog, new tricks: re-imagining HMV, is music on the high street really dead?
  • Dean Wilson – Creative Strategist, Fluxx Ltd. –  Cookie cutters away, let’s go hang with the apes: the limitations of market segmentation, the value (or not) of personas, and at least one theory on how to gain customer insight through experimentation.

Sign up here, tickets are free but places are limited.