Beth Granter: Brilliant Noise data doyenne


The plain truth of it is that last year we weren’t as good as we are now at announcing new joiners at Brilliant Noise.

To put that right, this week we will be introducing some more of the team right here. Beginning with Beth Granter, who joined us from NixonMcInnes

Beth is a digital consultant, advising on all aspects of digital media, but her specialist subject is most definitely data. One of the organisers of Big Data Brighton, she also has an incredibly deep understanding of social analytics tools, such as Brandwatch.

In the few months she’s been with us, she’s had a big influence on how we work, from our own systems of  planning to the evaluation frameworks we develop for clients. Data’s an incredibly important part of the Brilliant Noise story, so we count ourselves very lucky to have her on the team.

Outside of work Beth divides her time between politics and video games of varying degrees of violence and complexity. She also rides a very lovely red bicycle, which hangs on the wall near her desk in the Brilliant Noise office.